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Hello Guys Toady I M Going To Review Of The first season of 13 reasons why And I Will Tell You This is Best Review Of 13 reasons why online, 13 Reasons Why Download

13 reasons why season 1, Was a horrible kind of insulting poorly thought through the mess? and 13 reasons why season 2 torrent,

But what bothered me most was how the show came across as if

its themes and messages were ho

important and worth discussing while at the same time grossly

Oversimplifying and at some points romanticizing the heavy and serious subject matter

13 Reasons Why Download

They were trying to tackle all the subtlety of a bull in a china shop

The muddled writing simply wasn’t good enough to justify what the show was trying to achieve

Netflix even added in

extensive trigger warnings shortly after

the first season was released almost as damage control because of how botched and on the nose the message of

The show was it was clearly controversial

but if you took out all the triggering scenes

All you’re left with is a pretty by-the-book stupid highschool fairy tale that leads us on to season 2

Which is so incredibly dull and laughably stupid at points that I’m even more

Irritated, by the way

The show continues to flaunt itself as if it’s somehow a breakthrough and mental health awareness and other serious and complicated issues I suppose

Complicated really is the word for it 13 reasons. Why tries to explain and rationalize the unfathomably complex?

Concepts using simplistic layman’s logic which often shows the complete lack of awareness or understanding

If the show didn’t act like it has this holier than thou greater purpose and embraced its outrageous characters and story

Then it might sit better with me, but they don’t do that. So it doesn’t this is a joke

Season two is structured around the Hannah Baker versus

the school court case with every episode by the last being framed by the various witnesses

giving their testimonies usually in the form of narration that

Conveniently happens to relate to the various flashbacks and other plot points much like the first season. It is quite nonlinear

13 Reasons Why Download

Meaning you are constantly jumping through time with flashbacks

Some of the plot delivery is surprisingly clever

but it’s not without its fair share of completely baffling and

Confusing revelations that I’m sure making the first season make even less sense if watched 13 Reasons Why Download

Injunction with one another I’ll never fully know because I refuse to watch the first season more than the one and a half times

I already have from this point on I’m gonna be spoiling major elements

from season one and two so you’ve been warned

Outside of the overarching court case you have stories with clay who’s still trying to deal with the events of the first season Alex who?

Was revealed to have survived his attempted suicide and is struggling with the amnesia


That old chestnut and the depression of being now physically

Disabled Justin who is now a homeless heroin addict who the other characters need is a valuable witness

so I’m just reading this and just seeing how

Completely overdramatic it is Jessica who learns to cope with the trauma from the first season Tony who has to deal with his anger issues

Bryce who continues to be a mustache-twirling villain who ends every scene he’s in by going. Yeah, man, whatever

They’re just lying, man. I didn’t do it

Tyler who’s built up to be a school shooter and Olivia Baker who was trying to get justice for her daughter

And Why you should watch 13 reasons why subtitles,

There are way more characters in the show of note

But this video will be endless

If I don’t leave some of them out the major hook of the story is that there’s a mysterious person or persons

that is threatening the main cast to try to scare

them into keeping their mouth shut for the trial 12 episodes and

Hours later you find out it was a minor jock character who happens to be a witness to Hanna Baker’s assault and didn’t stop it

And he doesn’t want people to know that then in the end. Bryce is found not guilty

But he’s arrested right after because Jessica confessed with

Justin and then Justin is also arrested this sounds like I’m describing

Playground drama and that’s pretty much what it is

Then the last episode is basically nothing

but set up for an inevitable season 3 the story is obviously trickled out over many many hours

And has a couple of twists and turns one 13 Reasons Why Download


frustrating one involves

In physical evidence that could end the show there and then being stolen and then destroyed but all of that is basically what happens most

of the

intricacies come from scenes where characters

Talk to each other about their secrets and how Hannah has impacted their lives and ruined them or whatever the plot really, isn’t that

Important it’s more of a backdrop to shove in a lot of scenes where characters cry

argue cry get angry

Cry and whatever other negative emotions humans have the trial hook is so much weaker than the tape structure of the first season of 13 reasons why watch online,

I remember finding the first season a lot more bendable and entertaining in comparison to the meandering slow pace of the second the

Testimonies ranged from really interesting and emotional all the way too inconsequential and excessively dull

My personal favorite episodes were six and eight involving a pretty solid relationship that we never knew about that took place before the first

13 Reasons Why Download

season involving Hannah and the jock Zack both of these episodes

Touch upon ideas and morals that are actually quite effective and teach a real lesson

I’ll get more into that kind of thing later, though 13 Reasons Why Download

The biggest hurdle the second season story has to jump is that its very existence makes no sense. It was clearly

No plan for what was going to happen after season one

So huge chunks of the show are dedicated to trying to convince us why it exists in the first place

They constantly use the excuse of well Hannah didn’t put everything on the tapes in an attempt to explain how they keep dropping these huge

bombshells of 13 Reasons Why Download

Information that you would have thought Hannah would have mentioned in the first season the jock Zack who had just mentioned got an entire tape

In the first season and yet his extensive relationship with Hannah was not even mentioned once in the first season this retroactive style of storytelling

leads to this incredibly confusing mess of story threads the more often have you questioning how or why something is happening as opposed to being

Surprised that it did as muddled as the first season as we always had clay there with us as the central protagonist

We learn new information at his pace and from his perspective

But now the perspective is shared by a ridiculously huge assortment of characters this leads to an otherwise extremely

simple and easy-to-follow story becoming needlessly

Complicated its structure weirdly reminded me of Game of Thrones

At points simply because there was such a huge amount of characters and stories out to juggle fairly

This leads to the show handing its focus away from clay argue the best thing about it, to begin with

Clay has basically nothing to do in season two the writers usually use him as a tool to say or do something incredibly stupid

So other characters can correct him and why he’s wrong or being offensive or to just be overly dramatic

Seriously clay you’re gonna blame the girls

No, I’m just his character like most in the show becomes extremely repetitive because it’s so OneNote and without any depth

He was in love with Hannah and is still completely obsessed with her and nearly drives himself to complete insanity

To the point where he ruins his own relationships and even comes close to killing himself because of it

He only starts to heal and put it to rest by the final episode of the season

13 reasons why online watch,

Which means it takes well over 20 hours to complete this characters arc

I would be fine with this if it resulted in some kind of interesting drama and scenes

but most of the time it’s just some

a variation on the same scene over and over again whose character in season two might have been more bearable if the show didn’t decide to

Go with one of the most appallingly implemented uses of the hallucination or dream character I have ever seen

For some reason, Hannah could not only be relegated to flashbacks where her presence actually makes sense

But she comes back into the show in the form of clays in a conflict or something. So you’re talking

Apparently, it’s never really explained what was going on whenever she shows up in scenes that are based in the present. She’s just a ghost

The thing that is there sometimes ghost Hannah helps clay with what to say

Shows you have a fever well

Other times he has full conversations with the ghost in public for everyone to see and no one reacts

He even tries to kiss the ghost at one point, which is pretty funny. It’s the execution

I have a problem with more than a concept here

If it was supposed to be a stylistic decision to visually give us a point of reference for clays in a conflict then its clumsy

the implementation leaves a lot to be desired

We’re talking about a show that prides itself on its

Accurate depiction of mental illness and yet has a character who sees and talks to a ghost or is this implying that clays?

Schizophrenic or something or is a narrative device the fact I even have to ask this question

proves to me that it failed and what it was trying to achieve more often than not it comes across as excessively cheesy and

unintentionally hilarious

Especially after seeing the masterful way this similar concept is pulled off in Mr. Robot in comparison

It just seems confused and aimless could they really not think of any other way to visualize what clay was thinking?

I think it would have worked much better if they establish that clay is either

daydreaming or imagining Hana by having time pause or having some kind of visual indicator to show that it’s all in clays head and that

He’s not just completely losing his mind

I know you might think that this helps establish how clay really is losing his mind, but to me

It’s just too goofy for a show that takes itself. So seriously, there are other ways to have clay talk to himself

Well in the first season Tony fulfilled the same role that actually was logical in why he was there

The first season seemed to be setting up what appeared to be a possible school shooter in the making with the character Tyler I thought

That would be way too obvious and would wind up probably being oversimplified and laughable. And guess what?

This character is oversimplified and laughable

13 Reasons Why Download

they even play with our

the expectation of him being a shooter type

Because it points the show actually tries to trick you into thinking he’s doing something worse than he is

The show is a real problem with

overcompensating for the motivation of the most extreme characters the writers clearly feel like they have to come up with rational and

understandable reasons as to why

characters and their own lives and other radical behaviors and almost completely ignore the fact that mental health simply is not that binary you don’t

Have to have the exact same ridiculous backstory as Hannah Baker to feel suicidal

You don’t need to have the ridiculously over-the-top history of bullying and abuse to become a shooter the show almost has this underlying message

intentional or not of if anyone does anything mean to you then ending your own life or

Shooting up a school would be the most obvious

Decision and best revenge and that’s a dangerous concept to be introducing to some of the younger people 13 Reasons Why Download

You know to tune in to the show

What if you’re a young confused kid who has all these feelings and this shows telling you?

Oh, I guess that’s what I should be doing and how I should be reacting

no Tyler in season 2 goes through a bunch of relatively normal teenager behaviors and is treated as if these things are perhaps an index of 13 reasons why, 13 reasons why torrent,

Assisting his motivation in becoming a shooter. It’s never made particularly clear though. He gets bullied and harassed constantly

He’s an introvert is a socially inept loser. He becomes friends with the punk kids and listens to punk music

He enjoys shooting guns in the woods

Even though there are multiple scenes dedicated to how this character clearly cares about gun safety and how to use them responsibly

As well as hunting and shooting is a very common practice in America

I really don’t know if this is trying to be pro or anti-gun at all, and he gets a girlfriend

But then blows it and loses her and his only friend because of somewhat understandable reasons for someone his age

there is an argument to be made whether these things do or do not

Directly assist with what ultimately makes him a potential shooter in the end

13 reasons why download,

But my problem is that the message with this character is so utterly


His story ends with his character being sodomized by a broom handle in the toilets and then deciding to shoot up the school dance

Which is then stopped by clay because he’s such a good guy to me

It would make much more sense based on what we know about this character that he would end his own life and 13 reasons why season 2 download

Or would maybe exact revenge on those who assaulted him not head to a school dance with the intent of well

We don’t actually know what his intent is because it’s all inferred and employed

So what ends up happening is that nearly every scene with his characters? 13 Reasons Why Download

Completely pointless because his real motivator is being assaulted in the bathroom

As far as we know this character is no history of mental illness that were made aware of

Aside from a minor subplot about him being expelled from school, but they’re never explicit about it

so in a way, the show is trying to tell us that it is rational for someone who was bullied and assaulted to grab a

Weapon and plan to murder school mates with it if he was actually mentally ill and it was established

early on then the message would be that there needs to be more support and awareness for mental health what we get instead is a

Confusing message about how bullying is bad because it makes people drive themselves to either suicide or violence look 13 Reasons Why Download

What is the solution here how we supposed to tackle? Such a vague concept? Yes, bullying is bad

We all know that no one is defending that

Okay, in my opinion, Tyler is one of the worst aspects of the show

It shows the total misunderstanding not only in how to write a convincing and understandable character

But also how to totally mismanage the idea that this show is supposed to start a conversation

start a conversation the conversation about this character starts and ends with

Bullying and assault is bad the exact same thing

the first

Season tried to do there would have been ways using the pieces that are in place already to make this character’s journey makes sense

But at every opportunity, they drop the ball and continue the never-ending string of bad decisions

There isn’t much to say about the dialogue except that it sucks it really really sucks

Here are a few examples of how out of touch ignorant and on the nose

it can be I don’t know that you’re ready to

What to know the truth or know, I did it you have a cane and a scar all my scars were inside

I took pictures of you

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Well, even your coma why did I do this to myself?

Movies and shows are a wonderful way to open up a dialogue. This is Tyler. My fellow asked the last colleague and

Extreme outcast. It’s like the last person in the world left. That doesn’t know what his Patronus is 13 Reasons Why Download

fucking muggles, right

I had to constantly remind myself that most of these characters are supposed to be seventeen

Because the words they say sound like what adults would imagine a teenager to sound like instead of what a teenager

Actually sounds like it’s not a complete loss


there are some genuine in convincing uses of

Relatable and memorable dialogue but I think is more down to the talent of the actors above the quality of the writing

The presentation of the show is easily one of the strongest aspects

It is extremely inconsistent

But when it finds its footing it can be quite visually compelling when it wants to be just a little techniques

I noticed such as having the camera stay rolling to do both the shot and reverse shot in the same

Take make what could otherwise be a pretty flat scene a lot more flowing and dynamic episode an even begins with an extremely well executed

Wanna that transitions through nearly every major

Character in a way that felt natural and without being to show off II it really felt like the best way to shoot a sequence

Like that and they made it work pretty well. I noticed that the visuals varied mostly on who was directing each episode

It was either creative well short and entertaining or extremely by the books and forgettable

The music also varies massively in quality the Original Score sometimes works, but at times it’s far too intrusive

I also don’t particularly understand the choice to have it be a synth, I guess because referencing the 80s is what’s in at the moment

I think the same team with better bass material could do a pretty good job at making a story like this come to life

but like everything else in the show is held back by how repetitive and poorly written it is I

Think the acting is the main reason anyone would defend the show

Dylan Manette as clay Johnson is an extremely talented actor who pours his absolute heart and soul into every scene 13 Reasons Why Download

He’s in he’s probably the best actor in the show

It’s just such a shame that most of the time he’s relegated to awful scenes with ghosts Hanna while spouting out ridiculous. Tween dialogue

He really doesn’t have much to work with and the same thing applies to pretty much everyone

I really enjoyed Derek Luke and Kate Walsh who gives it to her all and quite a lot of the expansive cast is quite good

I think a couple of notable weak


Even with the terrible writing holding them back to fold a devon druid as tyler and miles Heiser as Alex

These poor actors have two of the worst characters in the show to try and make work

They could probably be fine with the right material and direction but I find these characters, in particular, to be irritating

13 reasons why thinks that has a lot to say and it kind of does there’s a certain arrogance about it more often than a

Dozen although that probably comes from the way the show is talked about by its creators more than the show itself

0.2 tries to tackle heavy social themes such as racism drug abuse bullying toxic masculinity

Disabilities sexuality and of course sexual assault. These are all delicate issues that require a considerate thoughtful and respectful approach

I think to the show’s credit for some of these they get one or two things, right?

I thought the way they handled the toxic masculinity or more just how the teenagers

Stereotypically find it difficult to ammo and that it’s okay to do so is one of the stronger lessons the show has to offer

It’s not exactly subtle about it. But it’s one of those issues that isn’t offensive to anyone to show in practice

So in comparison to how they treat bullying and sexual assault, it seems understated

I find their approach to the scenes that they describe is triggering to be massively ham-fisted though

13 Reasons Why Download
13 Reasons Why Download

There’s this weird scene where Tyler shows Alex pictures

He took of him in the hospital from when he was recovering from his suicide attempt

But I don’t know why he was in there taking pictures of him booth


they make sure to not show the pictures to the audience because we already know that would be

Disturbing and our imaginations can do the work for us. His reaction is more than enough

We would gain nothing from seeing a graphic recreation of the violence. But first, this made me think that they’d learned from their mistakes

They made in the first season with their ridiculously graphic scenes of violence

But as you already know because I mentioned it earlier

The scene with Tyler in the bathroom is an example of how to not do a scene like this

It is simply too far in my opinion 13 Reasons Why Download

All there needs to be done are a few cuts and it would be significantly more acceptable

I would much prefer the violence to be implied over explicitly shown if it was done that way then you would avoid grossly

offending those who consider the show to be nothing but shock value and

Purposefully triggering to those sensitive to that kind of imagery and almost more importantly it would be more tasteful 13 reasons why season 2 subtitles,

I know some people consider it to be an unflinching more realistic look at reality and that hiding it away

We kind of defeat the point. I can’t understand that to a certain extent except when you listen to the creator of the show

Explain his reasoning behind the choice of making that scene so graphic and you learn it was mostly to make you feel

Sympathy for a character you may otherwise not relate to or understand and that strikes me as an exceptionally cheap move. They’re almost trivializes

What the involves it takes something horrific and uses it as a sympathy cheat card to sub in file poorly

They’ve developed the character up until this point so they can feel

Justified and then turning him into a shooter the show earns its reputation for being exploitative 13 Reasons Why Download

Nonsense one has terrible scenes like that

The only other point I have about the clumsy social commentary is the way they both condemn an unintentionally romanticized drug abuse on one hand

They have Justin the heroin addict who was miserable and is completely ruined by addiction

But then they somewhat damaged the image by having a goofy scene where the main characters take Molly and are depicted as if they’re smoking

Weed or something coupled with a strange animated sequence. I just don’t know what they were going for there

It seems like a strange choice to even go near something like this

Considering how everyone is looking for contradictions and poorly thought out scenes to criticize

They try their best to accurately depict mental illness over the abysmal attempt

The first season made while it probably is a little bit better than the first season in that regard

it still isn’t brilliant the inclusion of the Hanna Ghost almost completely undermines some of it to me as I mentioned earlier because at the

Same time as having goofy scenes with a ghost

they randomly revealed that a supporting character from the first season is bipolar the strange decision because this character has basically no

development at all 13 Reasons Why Download

So her character ends up being that she is bipolar

Instead of her being a character that happens to be bipolar

Every scene with her references the fact that she self Hans or to pick some instance of mania and it’s not that it’s necessarily 13 reasons why watch online free,

inaccurate to what the incredibly complex disorder can make one do but it is certainly

Oversimplified and they took the cheapest and easiest way of shoving it in for mental health awareness points

you have to ask yourself what value there is to dedicating a character slot to someone who only

Exists to effectively be pointed out and analyzed as a patient

But every chance they get they insist on placing the ham-fisted agenda of starting a conversation

Above storytelling and character development. Hey, look guys. It turns out anxiety runs in the Baker family

Remember that anxiety is difficult to manage. Let’s start that conversation and head over to 13 reasons. Why door info for more information? Okay

What mental illness is next on the agenda? 13 Reasons Why Download

We can just shove in. Well, here we go. Alex is depressed because of how a suicide attempt left him

13 reasons why season 2 subtitles download,

Let’s start the conversation on depression head over to 13 reasons. Why door info for more information awesome?

We can check that one off the list too. Brilliant

Every single character is defined by either a mental illness or a tragic event

If you took those attributes away from them

They would hardly be

Characters on their own who really is clay Jensen if you take away his involvement with Hannah or Skye the bipolar girl

What defines Jessica if you take away her soul, they’re all two-dimensional drama

Despenser’s is

Ironic because the show is all about the fact that mental illness and tragedy doesn’t define you and yet it defines most of the show’s


Everything points to the fact that there was no plan for what to do for a second season of the show the attempt to

Simplify the structure to keep it organized with the different testimonies, but it doesn’t get close to the focus of the first season

So they felt the need to fill yet another 13 episodes full of crap that barely makes any sense

The first season has the source material of the book to base things off

But now we’re in uncharted territory 13 reasons why season 1 episode 2,

And it really shows every episode is pumped full of so much filler that it’s close to exploding

There are so many scenes that clearly have no greater purpose other than to fill time

A lot of Netflix shows do this the Marvel shows in particular about for it

So you end up with the majority of episodes being?

Pointless with everything of consequence happening towards the last few entries

It gets repetitive to the point of predictability nearly every single character interaction boils down to some variant of hey you okay

What do you think? Of course? Not look we’ve just gotta like normal normal

Nothing’s been normal ever since what happened with Hannah and scene repeat?

13 reasons why is a miserable show the best and worst things about it all because of the despair the show is built around and

I have a problem with attempting to tackle weighty and complicated subject matter that was over

26 hours deep with virtually no levity at all. I think there’s a reason film like a requiem for a dream Trainspotting and detachment

We’re all under two hours

How much time does it take to really emphasize and explore the message without having anything else to fall back on unlike something like?

Trainspotting that adds levity to the despairing subject matter with comedy without any

The contrast of emotions everything winds up feeling hopeless and overbearing and the rare times where they do attempt to have humor Falls hilariously flat on 13 reasons why season 1 download,

Its face because the comedic dialogue is just as bad as the serious dialogue, which means it sucks. Mr

The robot is a show that deals with mental illness and addiction but the difference is there’s a lot more to chew on than just those

Concepts on its own as a plot action sequences and interesting characters

Independent of all those themes the same could be said for shows like Bojack horseman

Which is so much better at portraying mental illness and substance abuse than the 13 reasons wires and shows like homeland even have a bipolar

Character in the lead role but that show isn’t only about the fact that she has a mental illness

It’s a crime drama about a CIA operative dealing with a potential undercover agent

I remember being taught what a metaphor was when I was in primary school is one of the most useful and important aspects of telling 13 Reasons Why Download

13 Reasons Why Download

A story with any level of depth films like annihilation anomaly

Sir, Little Miss Sunshine, and endless other examples effectively set out with the same vague goal as 13 reasons

Why do they will understand the two major things? Do you need to tell a complex story dealing with oppressive themes?

It needs subtlety and it needs to be 13 Reasons Why Download

Interesting. Why do you think everyone likes science fiction so much sure has spaceships and robots

but the core idea is that it’s a fantastic platform for starting 13 reasons why subtitles Englis, 13 reasons why English subtitles

Conversation and making us think about race issues what it means to be human

Technology developing into dangerous territory and so on and so forth

I think this is one of the main reasons that there is such an outcry against 13 reasons why without its inconsistent?

commentary on social issues

It really has no reason to exist in its attempt to self-aggrandizing own importance it somehow forgot to be well


Let’s wrap this up by talking about how awful in particular the thirteenth episode of season two is

Episode 12 felt like the natural conclusion to the season, but it didn’t get controversial enough so they had to shove in a final

Exceptionally long episode to leave an especially sour taste in our mouths

It starts with a strange scene in court where the show grinds itself to a halt to show a montage of women 13 Reasons Why Download

Admitting to various horrors. They’ve experienced at the hands of men breaking the narrative to ensure that it is starting a conversation

I don’t really have a problem with the message in and of itself. It’s just that again it is so on the nose

It’s about as heavy-handed as those ridiculously over-the-top drink-drive adverts

There’s a very very long funeral sequence where clay sees his last Hannah ghost

Vision and then clays family adopts just in the heroin addict into their family. I suppose this is the show’s idea of levity

Let me get to the scene where the jock assaults Tyler with a broom and says why did you come back?

You ruined everything which to me is such a stretch because Tyler didn’t really ruin anything Bryce kind of did anyway

We’ve already talked about why this is the worst scene in the show. So let’s move on after the shock value was over

There’s a school dance in two spliced with scenes of Tyler preparing to go on a rampage

It’s revealed that Bryce’s girlfriend is pregnant. So expect abortion to be one of the

Conversations for next season pregnant can’t wait to see how terribly they handle that one

watch 13 reasons why free online, 13 reasons why torrent download,

We finally get to what looks like is about to be a full-on school shooting the girl who Tyler blew it with receives an alarming

Text from him and shares it around the main characters

but instead of being

Intelligent and using the time they have to call the police and maybe barricade the doors and hide

Clay instead says no, we can’t call the police. His life will be over

Yeah, sorry


you’ve kind of

decided that your life is over the second you arm yourself and head to a school meet up with the intentions to hurt people like 13 Reasons Why Download

a goddamn idiot clay runs outside and confronts him head-on in one of the most inept and

Ridiculous scenes in the entire series a scene so poorly constructed in moronic that within the first five minutes of the behind-the-scenes Netflix special

13 reasons why beyond the reasons the assistant professor of psychiatry they have for fact-checking confirms

How terrible and poorly thought-out that decision-making is what clay did was actually really dangerous

Certainly, we would never advise anyone who’s exposed to an active shooter to confront them. Even if it’s a loved one

Mm-hm advice to getaway

Meanwhile, the creator of the show notes along and one of the writers stares at the floor

Blissfully unaware one of the strangest decisions in my mind

Is that the character Alex who really didn’t have a solid reason to attempt to end his own life at the end of season one

Whose motivations get really clumsily retroactively explained in season two should have just been swapped with Tyler

If any character in the show has the motivation to attempt something like this it would be him

it makes Tyler’s entire character come across as if he’s being played for nothing, but


He had legitimate reasons to attempt suicide

All season long and yet they still use him for a school shooting because it’s more shocking

So despite clay and Tyler having virtually no established relationship

He winds up potentially taking the blame for Tyler’s decisions because he feels sorry for him

Why is this character really that much of a moron okay, or whatever?

It’s a cliffhanger tune in next season to see what else the creators and the writers can botch thirteen reasons

why is constructed around a catch-22 because the show is built around nothing but

controversy 13 Reasons Why Download

The only reason that exists is to show offensive scenes that start a conversation, but if they don’t show the scenes

Then there won’t be controversy so it won’t start a conversation in their eyes

so to them what they’re doing is working if they really truly cared about the messages that they’re trying to preach then they would have

Changed things to be more tasteful after season one, but they repeated every single mistake and in some instances even did a worse job

I’d be happy if it ended at this point

It’ll probably go for another five seasons, and I’ll be here to complain about every single one of them. Bye