Bombshell movie review Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman,

Bombshell Movie Review

hello welcome to movie review my name is Farook khan I m going to review new movie release reviewing Bombshell movie review Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman

Genre: Drama

Rating:Director: Jay Roach

Cast: Charlize Theron, Margot Robbie, Nicole Kidman, John Lithgow, Alison Janney, Kate McKinnon Megyn kelly

Rating 4/5

when I got out of the press screening for this movie and I was totally blown away I did not expect it to be anywhere as good as a bombshell movie review

it is some of you might find yourself in the same situation like should I say I don’t know what do I want to be preached to for a few hours and also bombshell movie review

if you tried the loudest voice on Showtime which was not good and largely made up you might be like I’m already seeing this story go watch this movie please as I tweeted when I came out of the press screening I said every woman bombshell movie review

bombshell movie review

who wants to work and any business should see why did I say that while

I said it for two reasons one and I think this is very important it’s refreshing to see women in the workplace

Bombshell’ review: An audacious film that needs to be watched for nuances of sexism, harassment & #MeToo

Bombshell Movie Review

portrayed as vibrant energetic and here’s the most important part competent professionals rather than

the grading complainers wet blankets or non-entities that they usually are you know no girls allowed clubs right

that’s how business is so often been portrayed and when the woman does show up and entertainment everyone’s like yeah this does suck

but it doesn’t in real life and it shouldn’t and I don’t like that portrayal of women in the work environment so

I was very happy to see women portrayed as real commodities here that were great but then also of course number two

it’s important to see how some men emphasis on some this isn’t an indictment of men in general at all in any way this is like a warlock hunt right hmm

but how some men try to cut down or take advantage of those vibrant energetic and competent

professional women and even some of the other ones you know everybody nobody should be targeted like this now obviously

the big problem with is that it’s about women who work or worked at Fox News

which makes them incredibly unsympathetic and I think that many critics can’t see past that fact which is why the movie has such a low rotten tomato score

and to be fair the movie does totally sweep under the rug Megyn kelly is a horrific comment about Santa Claus

because you know the movie needs Megyn kelly to be their hero and I guess in some ways it would have been nice if they had portrayed her as

the complicated she sure was heroic in this in this specific situation that she is right Megyn kelly someone

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who’s very instrumental in a great and a great development here about exposing this type of behaviour but she’s also done a lot of really bad things

I mean the Santa Claus comment if you didn’t know about that controversy and i should it’s because what she did should never be forgotten and especially because

she’s continued to make comments in the same vein you would TVE even recognize it if you weren’t if you didn’t already know about it and weren’t aware mm-hmm and also, by the way, speaking of Megan kelly the idea

that she is the one woman who is able to say no to rogers eight roger Ailes advances yet still climb the ladder at FoxNews

to the very top well it just doesn’t make any sense and considering all the other horrible things Megyn kelly has done i wouldn’t put a

pastor to have lied about this but you know what at least you led the charge

even if she didn’t want to be personally involved her so well she didn’t leave the charge but as you’ll see from the movie

she was key to its success the person who led the charge is Kidman’s Gretchen Carlson who I think quite admirably is seen trying to change things at least on her own show her own little corner of Fox News

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which is a punishment for you know not getting along with the guys on Fox and Friends very powerful stuff in

Bombshell Movie review

that regard now I’ve never watched Fox News so I don’t know if Gretchen

Carlson actually did try to do these things but

it’s interesting to see her trying so hard even when her boss and her audience aren’t interested hard truths about television

you know what does your audience

want to see but then there’s also the line of what’s responsible even if they

want to see it you shouldn’t you know you shouldn’t reward that behaviour necessarily

Bombshell Movie Review
Bombshell Movie Review

that’s a whole other movie now Marvel Robbie is playing a fictional character but her experiences in the movie and

her emotional reactions to them are all too real and that realness is the important thing here because while you should keep in mind that yes

this is Fox News what happened at Fox News has also happened and continues to happen in many professional environments

across the globe, it just so happens that Fox News was a major turning point for again exposing that behaviour and so that’s

where this movie takes place I mean that’s how it went down you know that’s what are you gonna do about it and

Bombshell rotten tomatoes

the situations that these women find themselves in and how they try to navigate them

both personally and professionally while trying to maintain their dignity and keep their careers going well those situations are portrayed

with astounding realism, there is one conversation which according to the news

you know reports actually took place it’s not with one of the three leads but with a reporter talking to her superior about a dream

posting only to the font to only to realize during the conversation that he’s actually propositioning her you know if she really wants the job and

the thought process that’s in her head that we hear in real-time is one that every single woman has experienced it’s amazing and

important to get out there and the casting for the male characters is also strong there is the almost unrecognizable John Lithgow is Roger Ailes

who makes them a real person a monstrous person of course but they don’t you know this isn’t a movie about Fox and it’s politics

it’s a movie about what happened there in terms of sexual harassment so if you’re if you are a Fox News fan you know the movies not gonna you should I mean everybody should see this movie

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I would feel bad if anyone turned away from it for other reasons but you know it’s not a caricature of Roger

Ailes Rob Delaney as Megyn Kelly’s producer who is her friend but you know wants to keep

his job which i think is is realistic mark Duplass says Kelly’s supportive husband but also there’s the wrinkle of her being the breadwinner of the family and I thought that was portrayed very interestingly and then there’s Malcolm

McDowell in a small role as Rupert Murdoch but even more so actor brothers Ben Lawson and Josh Lawson as the Murdock brothers Dead Ringers for the Murdock brothers bombshell movie review

who you know again this is a real variance, unfortunately, the way things usually go they don’t really care about what Ailes is done

they’re just looking for a reason to get rid of them, ah but you know sometimes that’s the way things work you mean you know things might not fall in your favour for the reasons that you want them to but

who cares they fall in your favour and so I think this movie is very interesting and realistic in that regard as well now

there are also a ton of fun cameos like a lot of them which are not only fun but show how many people take this subject matter seriously and support this movie which

i think is wonderful but the real stars, of course, are our trio Charlize Theron becomes Kelly it’s uncanny but

the idealized version of Megyn kelly the one that NBC thought they’d hired away from fox only to then discover

then you can take the reporter out of fox but you can’t take the Fox out of the reporter at least this one uh Megan kelly wishes that

she was actually this version of herself it’s Charlize Theron is amazing she’s like the ideal businesswoman because they left out

all the bad parts about Megyn kelly alright so Nicole Kidman also does an amazing job portraying a professional woman from little things like

how she holds her pen like talk about an actor that was astounding I was like that little touches like Meryl Streep level man maybe some of it rubbed off on her and

big little lies season 2 – losing her temper with Robby over

what women should be more loyal to each other at work that was an amazing give-and-take between the two of them the complexities of the politics of the workplace and bombshell movie review

people how at women don’t feel their women will look out for them or that they are gonna be able to advance their careers

oh my god it was amazing and then also Nicole came in trying to hide her pain from her kids that was very small but

I felt it and then there’s Margot Robbie in a role that easily could have been unsympathetic considering that she’s trying to

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get ahead largely on her looks and she looked all everyone looks beautiful in this movie but Margot Robbie here

will not only break your heart which is amazing and gangs considering she’s just trying to get ahead on her looks but Margot Robbie

turns it into a very relatable role because it’s someone who’s out of her depth and you know just you know so

she saw a potential shortcut but she didn’t realize with the product what exactly the price as I don’t want to give

too much away about that but it was Margot Robbie did a great job kate McKinnon also has some great scenes but

basically disappears after the first act which was kind of weird so I would tell you is perfect about

very imperfect people but it is the best depiction yet of the complicated situation women find themselves in

the workplace and it deserves to be seen so that’s my of bombshell I’m curious to hear your own thoughts down

below don’t put any spoil if you have spoiler your comments please thanks for reading

Rating 4/5

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