Box Office – Frozen 2 nears Billion, Disney $10 Billion 2019


hello and welcome movie Review where as I told you last weekend after Thanksgiving it’s all about one more round of leftovers but it turns out that all audiences were hungry for this weekend was Disney’s frozen treat and boy did they gobble it up again people aren’t getting tired of this this snack because the only and only its third weekend it’s getting a little hard to do

the frozen puns but I have some good ones here you’ll see one of my favorite ones is coming up I think it paints quite the Disney anyway yes and only its third weekend frozen to is racing up

Top 10 worldwide Box Office Collection Number

the top ten for the year both domestic and worldwide and should by next weekend by the end of next weekend become Disney’s sixth billion dollar film for this year alone and Disney had already set a record for the number of billion dollar films in a single year with five so speaking of Thanksgiving this is all gravy but that’s a lot of gravy here because speaking of shattering records

First Time Hi 10 Billion

Disney is also about to hit 10 billion overall for 2019 worldwide 10 billion the first time a studio has ever hit that number and Disney of course is beating its own record but not just by a little bit their 2.5 billion ahead of their old record about that much which is a sizable jump plus the Mausam still has star wars to go we don’t know if that movie will hit a billion but the ranked Disney is going this year it’s gonna at least come close and again as I said at this point it’s all gravy I’m Kathleen Kennedy’s like

putting a ball for her if it doesn’t hit a billion nobody’s gonna care about the quality of the gravy all right so it’s just where it hits on the measuring cup Kathleen all right but even as Star Wars takes is set to take a break after episode 9 Marvel is ramping up after its own breather that’s good the way Disney coordinated that but Marvel will be going back to three to four films a year next year it’ll be through it’ll be no the year it’s just two this year but the year after it’ll be before you know technically because

spider-man of course is technically an MCU Marvel movie and they’re now getting a little bit more of that money right so that should really turbocharged Disney in terms of box office now is there any possibility of Disney hitting a wall you know unless you know the other Studios like put a curse on them there might be that desperate at this point I mean it seems unlikely especially isn’t

the other studio speaking of them for the most part I think are unable to compete at the same level as Disney the only potential danger I see is Disney Plus in terms of hitting a wall right because Kevin Feige at Bruce little Comic Con pretty much seemed to say that there will be 7 MCU Disney Plus shows for 2021 and that seems a little ridiculous but so far Kevin Feige hasn’t faltered yet what means it’s more likely that with all that MCU content that will be very

there will that will be very little room for all the other studios and streaming services content including maybe even Disney’s other verticals in audiences schedules how are you gonna balance all that or some of you like yeah it’s gonna be fantastic are you like I need breaks in between I mean you might not I don’t know I’ve got to see these Disney I mean

the Disney Marvel the Disney Plus Marvel shows seem so good but maybe it will be fine it’s crazy right yeah and you have to watch them Kevin Feige says yes Bob Iger had him do because they are part of the same story so you won’t know what’s going on right and if you step out of the storyline for a

Disney Plus show without me and you’d be more likely to maybe step out of a movie going forward although some movies people still do step out ant-man the wasp but anyway alright speaking of

competition let’s see how everyone else fared with the water dripping off the frozen twos icicles of cash that seemed maybe a borderline inappropriate metaphor but I liked as I said the picture that I painted so I decided to go with it I also included this visual though to make it seem less that’s not good all right so anyway knives out fell under 50% which on the surface seems like a

good development but suddenly now it seems like it might not make the century mark because it’s slowing down and it’s still pretty far away I mean it might just make it but you know I don’t think it’s the slam-dunk that it was last weekend now for some strange reason Vanity

Fair’s predicting today that the Golden Globes will nominate knives out for slew of awards across the board what nominations for the Golden Globes come out tomorrow morning I will be covering balancing with my coverage of the Ghostbusters afterlife trailer what a day it’s a busy season boy for movies and movie news now if that happens for knives out the Hollywood Foreign Press Association could

expect to be hated by a number of strong who his fans but they can counterbalance that with Joker noms of course and also such development would really help knives out leg out at the box office the next couple of weeks it would keep it in play now meanwhile Ford V Ferrari is very

close to the hundred million mark but instead of racing towards the century mark it’s more like it’s a neutral and being pushed toward it right at this point all these movies are hoping for Golden Globe nominations to keep them as players

in the December box-office now dark waters which also was supposed to be an awards contender dark waters tough for this movie I mean know what wide finally this weekend it’s been in limited release for a little bit now and thanks to an incredibly weak frame it was able to debut in sixth place I mean this frame is

so weak it should have been a little higher up quite frankly Mark Ruffalo should be like I’m the Hulk dammit so both he and the former Hulk both not had a great awards season but the trailers for this film I thought were very compelling so I think it seems a Focus Features did a bad job not only getting the word out on this film but also I think they gave it a horrible release date because

it’s just too competitive a corridor I mean this is a movie that should come out in September when of course you’ll go see dark waters but now people just got too much to do hopefully it’ll be discovered on

streaming uh and look at that Joker is still in the top ten talked about getting noticed Arthur good luck tomorrow at the Golden Globe nominations alright now as for this coming weekend I hope you enjoyed your breather

because things are going to really heat up fast now for the rest of the year through Christmas this coming weekend three movies go wide Jumanji will they open wide Jumanji which of course is expected

to dominate once again ready to do battle with Star Wars we’ll see if that really is a fight won you know well you know it was amazing at the first Jumanji was such a big competitor with the last Jedi itself coming close to a billion dollars so let’s see if that can happen again that would be amazing although some of you who’ve seen Jumanji out in the UK

where there have been advanced screenings this weekend and you have very nice things to say I’m seeing myself on Monday night tomorrow night with the embargo lifting Tuesday at noon then Richard Jewell and black

Christmas are also set to open and expected to post reasonable numbers respectable numbers not amazing but respectable then bombshell and uncut gems also both hoping to get a number of Golden Globe nominations tomorrow morning and the odds are very strong for both those films they opened in limited release looking to post head-turning per theater average ‘as in new york and los angeles but they’re going wide very soon

bombshell goes wide December 20th just the weekend after and then uncut gems goes wide on Christmas Day it is the most unchristian movie ever but it’s a great New Year’s movies and that could end up being a very smart play for them so are you playing to see any of these many of these movies

next weekend or in the near future or are you already in Star Wars mode are you gonna go into Star Wars mode some of you I mean I’m really curious to see if the Phantom Menace does keep this movie under rebellion you know if it still makes a billion then all those pro all those headaches will not be that well you know they’ll still I mean I think Disney got the message but this some degree it will be a huge win for Disney if it gets

into the billion dollar club that’s the line in the sand the billion dollar club we’ll see I will be keeping a very close eye on Star Wars for sure so it has a lot of competition if you don’t want to see Star Wars you’ve got lots of other options no one’s scared of Star Wars this yet which is interesting in and of itself all right so that’s this week’s

movie mat

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