Cats Movie Review


Cats was directed by Tom Hooper and is the adaptation of the famous Broadway musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber it tells the story of a freakish cult of cats known as the Jellicle z’ and they’re all really horny and they dance a lot and there’s some

reincarnation stuff too so that’s great when the trailer for this movie debuted a few months ago I remember watching it and just having a very visceral reaction to it like it actually like made me sit back like in awe at how insanely awful this movie looked and it wasn’t

just that it was popular to meme on this movie the motion capture work and the way the humanoid bodies look like cats it just it didn’t work there was something deeply off-putting about it and and rather horrific I could see this being one of those movies that families take children to because it’s rated PG and it ends up being one of those horrifying experiences that scars them for life for a long time but they don’t look

back on it with nostalgia or happiness just intense fear and dread I wrote down some thoughts on cats number one if Dante had seen cats he would have included a tenth circle of hell number two cats makes

Cats Movie Review

Dragonball Evolution tolerable but doing this for a while now guys I’ve seen a lot of movies I’ve experienced a lot of things 10 years and I think this is one of the worst miscalculations of a film that I’ve seen in that period this is a film that reeks of misjudgment so

I’m going to talk a lot about with a friend of mine who is writing and we both kind of share ideas with each other and we’re trying to write together is instincts how we can prove to an audience or how a filmmaker might prove

to an audience that they have good instincts that their ideas make sense and that they are deserving of our attention Tom Hooper has made good movies before but with a film that looks like this and feels like this you have to wonder where those instincts went just about every choice in cats is baffling to me the casting choices are odd James Corden and rebel Wilson seem extremely out of place and

the comedy that they’re going for was so terribly unfunny that I just I locked up do you know what I mean I know people who are fans of this musical so if you like the music and you already know you’re going to like that music then hearing other people perform it might be your only issue with it

I know there’s a least one new song in this movie and I’m not gonna criticize the music and I’m also not going to praise this film for its music because for the most part this movie didn’t invent any of this music it really just comes down to

the unintentionally hilarious motion capture work and how horrific everyone looks and the fact that these cats are so fucking horny they all want fuck their tails are all twitchy and they’re looking at each other like they’re in heat and it’s just fucking weird I didn’t like it

it was uncomfortable I fucking hated it I really really really didn’t like this movie and I expected it to be at least kind of not good but holy fucking shit it’s so boring there’s barely a story it’s told early through music characters were introduced through a song the song explains

who they are and what they do and then they disappear you never see them again there’s barely a semblance of a narrative you just understand that the cats are sort of looking for this new cat that could maybe ascend to this realm and inter-cell was a bad cat and he’s like no

I will not let that happen because I am a bad cat and all the other cats are just dancing around like they want to fuck and that’s this movie like it’s it’s absolutely trance-like it is a dreamlike fucking drug trip of a movie and

I could see it having a weird cult following I could see a ton of people getting high and watching this movie and just like like Netflix and chill is gonna be replaced with cats and get high I really don’t have anything else to say cats gets an For this is a short review

I know but there is nothing redeeming about this movie I found it hilarious in all of the wrong ways insanely boring the story’s non-existent I hated the CG the music was fine but it’s taken from something else this is just an embarrassing movie that never should have been made and I honestly

I am just baffled that it exists but in a way I’m happy it does because I I got to be a part of the conversation of this cultural moment that is cats 2019

I don’t even know if that’s really a good thing guys thank you so much as always for watching look forward to more reviews very soon I’m gonna be reviewing the full season of mandalorian as well as

a spoiler review for the rise of Skywalker and a special Christmas hilarious ‘ti and I’m really excited to bring that especially to you guys thank you as always for watching and if you like this you can click right here and get stuck mine eyes

Rating IMD Eating 2.7/10

My rating Out 2/5