Chhapaak Movie Review Deepika Padukone


Director – Meghna Gulzar
Cast Deepika Padukone, Vikrant Massey

Rating 4/5

welcome to movie review i m farook today i m going to review Chhapaak Movie Review Deepika Padukone

I took one more day and another screening for this post as I really wanted you to do justice to the film and

what it focuses on I have to tell you that this review is absolutely independent from any political affiliations or any stance taken by the actor

Chhapaak Movie Review Deepika Padukone Movie Content About

mainly going to talk about the content of the film and then conclude by maybe

how that public appearance affected the opinion and ratings all around the Internet of this film

one of the most gut-wrenching Lee real projects that many people

were looking forward to in 2020 was the Magna Gulzar directed film Chhapaak

the movie features Deepika Padukone and Vikrant Massey in lead roles

the movie is inspired by the real-life story of acid attack survivor Lakshmi Agarwal

a 15 year old Lakshmi was consistently rejecting the advances of 32 year old naim Khan an individual that wanted to marry her

she wanted nothing to do with him names intentions were relentless on an extremely disturbing turn of events as

Chhapaak Movie Review Deepika Padukone Story

Lakshmi was on her way to a bookshop in Khan market she was attacked by the stalker

she lay on the street until a taxi driver aided her and rushed

her to subletting hospital after a series of surgeries Lakshmi was discharged three months later her

journey did not stop there and this is precisely what chibok focuses on through the fictional character

Malti played by deepika padukone here’s me telling you the good and bad aspects of the film

so there you guys can ultimately decide whether it’s worth it or not

the good suddenly had effective moments

if you have ever seen a Meghna gulzar film be it Rossi or specifically to enhance

this point Talwar you would know that the intention of the director is never to manipulate

the audience to feel a certain way through boisterous dialogues or a blaring background score the

content and dialogues are enough to have that effect the title song is sung beautifully by Arijit Singh

and it’s placement in order to enunciate the gruesome attack is extremely impactful

there are several powerful moments in the film be it acid attack victims seeking for employment

Chhapaak Movie Review Deepika Padukone

and the hesitance with which they are spoken to or even considered

the slow build-up of Malti getting up from her bed and finally seeing the effect of the attack on her face

the apathy and borderline cruel nature by which cases of such attacks are treated by the police

and lawyers the factor it has on victims and their spirit just to live leave aside be functional and productive citizens

this film like oh a ray which I will come to later in the post left me enraged and disgusted

through several moments knowing the human nature and how very effectively become Massey’s

character states we all have evil within us but what is it that can make a person carry out such a ghastly act

I’m sure you will exactly feel the similar sense of rage and disappointment

performances there has never been a case

where I have seen a Meghna gulzar  are films and felt that the actors have ever

skipped a beat mother GT RG plays the role of Maltese lawyer and is the source of the principal character

to fight for a case and many others she emphasizes that it will be a long and hard journey stating to an exhausted

Malti short the other Don lope she showcases sensitivity and patience in the film Maltese parents showcase

Chhapaak movie review: Deepika Padukone is stellar in Meghna Gulzar’s impactful film

the struggle faced by families of acid attack survivors how such an unforeseen and tragic event reshapes

the life of their child and theirs to the sequence of the mother holding Malti and giving her a bath her happiness in being handed

her daughter salary joyful of knowing that her child found some strength to live and prosper the mother especially

showcases the resistance towards legal proceedings especially by poorer sections of society intimidated at

the uphill battle in front of them Vikrant Massey is a mole the person who manages their sauce foundation that works with

acid attack survivors is just a natural on the big screen he understands the cruel world

deepika padukone instagram, deepika padukone twitter

we live in and has a pessimistic mindset on most things especially how society is structured to ridicule and oppress

the downtrodden the grant is brilliant in the film and shared a very real and honest love story with the because character

deepika padukone is the strength of the firm considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the country

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I mean for God’s sake Hollis films premise was the antagonist obsession with the epitome of beauty Deepika in

this film sheds all those superficial notions about her Deepika Malti is honest sincere and extremely likeable

she will make you honestly smile with joy in seeing that she is in the path of resurgence and extremely emotional at

her state for no fault of us questions there are very few films that make me question every fragment of society and the way

we are socially structured this is one such film it makes you think about several rape cases that get all the media attention Lila protests in the country but no one hears about

the several cases 252 by the way in 2018 of acid attacks it makes you wonder the struggle of women

just to exist set aside thrive in society how women fighting for each other can be the most empowering and effective movement

how an attack of hot tea on someone’s face has the same punishment by law as that of an acid attack how deceptive sentences are in terms of acts committed and criminals try word loopholes of momentary bail

it still made me wonder about just the severe consequences that women face for the actions not even rejection how ignoring someone can lead to such dire consequences what messed it up

this film could have been remembered for future years to come for the premise it focuses on how it took the top leading lady of the industry and told such a compelling and movie storyline and brought about a very important discussion

about the laws in reckoning nature of acid attacks in the country the reason why this film loses its impact is that it tries too hard to focus on too many aspects because of its Malti

who we are all interested in doesn’t become the prime focus the film is structured in non chronological form going from the point of the attack to her present day

functioning with the NGO and grounds of the quotes for a PIL and Maltese personal case

this is when a film like Oh a ray becomes more gut-wrenchingly powerful as we all knew Pallavi and aspiring and talented pilot in a toxic relationship and all her dreams and aspirations are shattered due to a sick man

who couldn’t take rejection and didn’t want her to thrive in life we felt invested in Pallavi but in chibok we still don’t know who is Malti what were her likes and dislikes what was her true passion

the film eventually becomes about shedding light on the lack of severity showcased by society on such acts of violence the film is extremely emotional and impactful in its storytelling they because

public appearance in many ways in JNU showcases a political stand a brave act at a time where celebrities are damned for talking and damned for not talking as well but this in many ways has shifted the focus on

what the movie wanted to tell and that was the beautiful story of resurgence of Lakshmi Agarwal a fellow create a friend of mine sun’ll on his channel sun’ll reviews everything has shed light on how the public appearance by Deepika has affected purity of this film

I will link that video down below it’s the sad case that one public appearance has the entire

society focusing on the controversy rather than the content of the film which is by the way essential for everyone to view and

that was a video guys read out in the comments below what you thought about the movie please don’t forget to deepika padukone instagram, deepika padukone twitter

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Rating 4/5

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