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Hello friend, welcome all of you, your movie review once again, Friends, in this post today, we are going to talk about superstar Salman Khan sir’s movie Dabangg with two weeks of total box office collection. This film of friends has got the tag of a hit at the Indian box office.

Or got the tag of blockbuster and how many crores of films have so far earned at the worldwide box office, so let’s start by watching the entire video and if you too have subscribed to our website movie review so far, you will get the box office And if you keep getting Hollywood news, let’s start

So his film directed by Prabhudheva is Dabangg 3, while Dabangg is the third part of the franchise and superstar Salman Khanki is the second film to be released in 2019, before friends, his film Aayi Bharat earned Rs 140 crores.

On the other hand, if you want to talk here, you are looking for Dabangg Three, after India, from now onwards, the audience was hoping that this film will also earn three hundred crores of Christmas holidays at the Indian box office, Friends, this happened here. Not seen because this superstar Salman Khan’s film at the box office

On December 20, almost four thousand three hundred screens were released in All Over India in four languages. Brother friends, the film was received at the box office by eleven hundred minutes and thus or the film Total Five Four Four Screens passed at the worldwide box office. If the talk was released, friends of the film’s box office collection tell you that this film was released on December 20, when in many places in India Protest was going on

Despite that, due to the stardom of superstar Salman Khan, the film made a grand opening of twenty four million twenty five million rupees on its first day which was the biggest opening of Friends Non Holiday 2009, in the second two spin connection saw no growth. Gone and the film grossed twenty four million seventy five million rupees but once again saw a tremendous growth in the collections of this film in Friends Third Day. And this film earned thirty-one crore ninety million rupees, in this way, friends, this film had earned a bang of about twenty-one crore fifteen lakh rupees in its first three days.

Dabangg 3
Dabangg 3

Your film has got a Bake Story Greaves from the audience and the critics have also given friends, this film has given a mixed review, that is the reason why SP of Friends earned a total of one hundred twenty six crore fifty lakhs at the box office in its opening first week. The friend who had a connection, that night, on the fifth day of ten million seventy million rupees, the collections of this film were rupees twelve and a half million rupees. Were fifteen crores sixty lakh rupees and on the seventh day, the work in this film is good 700cr seven crores rupees

If we talk about the connection of this film, what was the connection of superstar Akshay Kumar, this film got a lot of tough competition and the screens of this film have also been reduced, despite this, in this film its second week earnings The record

Whoever earned three crores rupees seventy five million rupees on the ninth day and two hundred and tenth days in this film, on the first day of his second, this film earned four and a half crores in this way or else

I had crossed the figure of one hundred thirty eight crore only in my ten days and had refused my budget, Friends, this film had earned two crores and twenty lakh rupees quintal i.e. this film once again on its twelfth day. Growth was seen and earned 2 crores and sixty lakh rupees, my friends in this field earned three crores and seventy lakh rupees on its thirteenth day i.e. on New Year’s Day

In this way, the total collection of this film was in its thirteen days, it was worth a hundred and forty six crores and three million rupees to be talked here, Friends of the fourteenth day box office collection of Spanish; There is a great hold at the box office

Dabangg 3
Dabangg 3

And even today, this film is earning about two crores rupees at the box office, with this the total connection of this film will have paid one hundred and forty eight crores and thirty lakh rupees and friends this film of Salman Khan’s Second Week of India Let’s go ahead of the collection, tell friends

With this or that, you have been included in the list of top ten films of nineteen nineteen and it has overtaken superstar Hrithik Roshan’s film Super Thirty and Chhichore films in the coming one or two days Friends, this film at the box office If you cross the figure of 150 crores and it will be proved to be a hit film, then if you tell him which of your films to be a hit

To earn one hundred and fifty crores, in which friends this film is only two crores and less, while at the worldwide box office, also liked two specials, yes this is the reason why the film with friends has earned two hundred and sixteen crores at the worldwide box office. Lee and Balwai have also gained interest at the box office, so Dhawan Clean here has not done anything special at the box office.

But it is expected that superstar Salman Khan’s film Raat Raayi Raider will break many records at the box office, may have crossed the 400 million mark at the box office of friends, what do you think the connection of the first day of Friends Radhe will be? And how much will this film earn in the life time, you will not forget to comment us your opinion and for every update related to the box our Struggle Review Market Scar course Kijiyega thanks Jai Hind

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