Dabangg 3 Movie Review Salman Khan


Cast: Salman Khan, Sonakshi Sinha, Saiee Manjrekar, Kichcha Sudeep

Director: Prabhu Deva

Rating: 2 Stars (out of 5)

another and another potboiler masala film by Salman Khan on 20th December I stepped in the theatre for the third installment of the debunked franchise an extremely successful
franchise that solely banks on a genre of Hindi cinema that still has a large audience the commercial potboiler genre a class of films that

actors like Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar have done a PhD in this franchise was started with the hilarious the bong in 2010 sadly had deteriorated with respect to

the content and the quality of the gags with its second installment in 2012 after seven years however and Prabhu Deva and the director said the third installment provided us

something different in the form of an origin story how did trouble Pandey become the oddly charming and fearless character that we all know him as the film star Simon’s recur in her debut role as Chulbul played

by Salman Khan’s love interest and how the antagonist played by so deep creates havoc in children’s life especially with respect to the budding romance how their two worlds collide as children has joined the police force

and is happily married to Raja played by Sonakshi Sinha as the premise of the bong tree an out-and-out revenge saga showcased at the pitch we all know it is going to be presented

Dabangg 3 Movie Review: Script Analysis

Dabangg 3 Movie Reviewcompletely over the top here’s me telling you the good and bad aspects of the film so that you guys can ultimately decide whether to go for it or not the good

few moments the sad wait about the third installment is that it only boasts us some moments these moments are few and far between and honestly will not be remembered as iconic like several moments from

the first installment the set up of Col Bulls entry as a goon is rubbing a genie lamp to impress chill pull one of the goons breaks into singing they’ll Hecky Montana he or the annoying brother-in-law

of a corrupt politician that is the only hilarious character from the film even though these moments generally do make you chuckle they are so rare in this long film that you generally start missing the brilliance and wacky writing of the lips chakra and

Abhinav Kashyap from the first film intensity and antagonist the one thing that I had expected from this prequel of sorts was that the intensity of the story would increase tenfold even though

Dabangg 3 Movie Review: Star Performance

Dabangg 3 Movie Reviewthis happens from native standpoint and merely due to the antagonist Kali Singh played by Sudeep this change leads to the charm wit and magic of the dabangg franchise getting completely lost yes this is a new take and

the storyline of how everything originated but the same banter with with Chulbul interacts with the villains how the intense action seems often transition into ludicrous sequences that had us bursting out laughing

in the first film gets lost into the brooding and growling as the hero and the villain come head-to-head with each other when I saw the trailer and got excited that there might be finally some great nuance and depth to the storyline finally as

this was set up as an origin story but no so the villain er Chulbul saves the day wise to leave the way he is why is he so evil what is his ulterior motive couch anyway bus brought

Dabangg 3 Movie Review: Direction, Music

Salman khan

me a villain a tuba semaj Oh whenever Sudeep comes on screen there is some curiosity generated on how the plot will develop he definitely possesses the swag required for

the masala commercial audience him and Salman who is basically trouble by now are the only standout features of this long boring and disjointed to was and 42-minute mess the

underwhelming aspects marketing strategy I have a huge gripe with the trailer of this film and the way it was designed as it literally fed me the beats of the film and how it was developed

it presented me the fact that the third franchise is going to be an original story of the principal character which excited me then it showed me glimpses of the young romance that blossoms between Salman and Saez character

it also showed me that there’s a point of contention between the two lovebirds in the form of Sudeep but it ruined everything by presenting a form of loss which acts as the catalyst for revenge

virtual bull as I was watching the movie it would have provided for a more effective response from audiences if there was no idea about the catastrophic event that would take place

sadly because of the trailer you can easily predict how the movie is going to progress go on are the days when no one knew that Salman would be in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and everyone in theaters lost their mind when he turned around

Dabangg 3 Movie Review: The Last Word

Dabangg 3 Movie Reviewin theory kurayami ayat which : a the music I have to confess about the fact that the music of the third franchise is extremely underwhelming compared to both the installments rather than there being an effort for

inventiveness in the music to provide something new fresh for dances there has been a tiring effort to recreate the magic of the first album which was also created by Sajid Rajan the raging hitman eben

Omri is replaced with the forgettable Munna bad Gnawa there is no effort to change anything about the original whole world of the bong song it’s the same style of song to introduce

the character just a mishmash of the old beats nana larae reminds you of the beautiful theory must must known end from the first installment but there is barely anything that can match the beautiful and melodious voice of rod

Fateh Ali Khan ivara is the only song from the album that generates a sense of freshness because otherwise you are subjected to the song you cur gain this installment where the song goes belly button body cocky hot sauce a trade

show Paki ho buddy cherem say GU sorry you cur get you cur give sang by salman khan by the way the roles of women okay I’m not the kind of reviewer

who will go on a rant about the role of women or how offensive it is but my god the women in this film have basically nothing to do the film is set up as a

Salman Khan vs. Sudeep film and the women are to be tormented abducted and kidnapped until trouble comes to save the day Rajjo played by Sonakshi Sinha is basically cooking in all of the scenes or

getting kidnapped the couple share cute moments together but there is barely anything for Sonakshi to do in this film other than to shout in the end Judy Arquette for Ayame with whatever

Dabangg 3 Trailer

is given to Simon’s record in the script she does a commendable job but a character also is so poorly written decisions are made for arranging from marriage and professional endeavors and she just nods her

way through she is honestly very sincere in her role but again has barely anything to do not funny the most disappointing aspect of the third installment then it is not as funny as both the installments the dialogues are not inventive so much so that

they actually just repeat the iconic dialogues of the first film from the iconic it Mitch hit carrying a two bhaiyyaji smile please it just works on nostalgia you have a creepin chill bulls house as

he is cozying up with his wife and children tells him global warming cusamano may hemara hot romance QD creo Dolly Bindra plays a supporting villain in this film and gets slapped and thrashed by

Salman Khan in the name of comedy and is told our Hum Tum a women empowerment Gabbar ameba that there salman upon being annoyed at someone who thinks he isn’t good enough he tells her far better than you kindly far off from here the film just doesn’t

tickle your funny bone the same way I just want to conclude by saying that this franchise as its installments have increased has lost the innocence charm and weight it originally had the biggest takeaways from this film other so deep and Salman commit loggerheads with each other honestly the bung 3 it is

what it is a long drawn-out commercial potboiler film of a franchise that has sadly deteriorated with respect to its writing quality and solely banks on the star power of Salman Khan and that was a video guys write down in the comments below

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