Darbar RajniKanth Tamil Movie Review Tamilrockers

Darbar RajniKanth Tamil Movie Review Tamilrockers

Hello and welcome to Movie Review south the first review of 2020 is here Darbar RajniKanth Tamil Movie Review Tamilrockers

And it is of RajniKanth‘s film with AR Murugadoss it’s called that Darbar

now I’m going to start by considering the hero introduction scene because the effectiveness of the hero introduction scene in a mass movie is

usually a sign of how well-written the movie is going to be and this is how it happens in Darbar Tamil Movie

we are in Mumbai and we are told that a mad cop named Aditya or no Salim the Rajnikanth character is on a killing spree

Darbar Movie Review By Tamilrockers

he keeps firing bullet after bullet and gone after faceless goons starts falling by the wayside so

one nameless goon a complete idiot if you ask me issues a challenge to Aditya are not alone he says come

get me if you can so this goon goes to a politician’s birthday party and there it begins close the door says the politician

the doors come down the shutters come down and then we see a shadow racing through the

scenes is of course the hero and then we see the face now there are a number of goons in the scene

there’s about 2000 guns and their fire bullets which means about parathas and bullets have been fired at

Rajnikanth but not one hits him he wields what looks like a Hattori Hanzo sword you know this reference

Rajnikath Movies Best Movie Tamil Movie

if you know Quentin Tarantino and everyone around him falls like ragdolls and I’m like that’s it where’s the style

where’s the punch where’s the mass this crucial sequences

here introduction sequence is filled not with filmmaking energy as much as a sense of duty like something going through the

motions like someone made a list and made a tick mark against it saying okay this has been done that’s

what Darbar Tamilrockers feels like it’s going through the motions it’s not bad but it’s not much good

Tamilrockers Movie Reviews

either look closely and you see what the film could have been this is the story of a rogue cop and a single father

he has one daughter played by Nevada Thomas and she’s very good she managed to sketch out

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what is really a very very thankless role now she wants her father to get married before

she does but his cops trigger-happy ways results in a big tragedy and

he falls and she urges him to rise up again to attain his former slow-mo glory now that’s a really solid story

and even better even with the premise of drug dealers this directors ESA tendencies are kept to a minimum

Darbar Movie Language Tamil Telugu Hindi

there aren’t any lectures about how drugs are bad and things like that and as always it will give us there are

always a number of very interesting scenes that sound good at least on paper

like how a prisoner goes missing or her Rajinikanth uses a whole bunch of prisoners to track someone

down or even how the villain played by Sunil Shetty Darbar Tamil movie  orders a hit on all the cops of Mumbai

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which makes bounty hunters out of all the thugs why then is Darbar tamil movie so bland

I think it’s because Marathas kept wanting to make another – Paki a facie thriller but the dramatic beats keep weighing

him down so the film falls in a strange kind of no-man’s land the drama isn’t powerful enough

and the action isn’t punchy enough so how was Rajinikanth darbar not bad at all I’d say but not much good

either because the film doesn’t give him that scope to be what he can really be though

he does on the screen and here’s one of the most interesting things about the darbar movie

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he almost plays his age when he starts following around Lily played the ninth hour she thinks

he’s a creepy stalker uncle no give the film points for that because that’s exactly what would happen in real life

if a man of his age started following a woman of her age give the phone some more points for the scene

when I interest cousin visits Rajnikant and asks him if it’s fair that he is after nayanthara because

he asks what if your daughter starts seeing someone who’s your age okay so we spared the duets but

I wish the film had taken a romantic angle a little seriously because nearly 30 years ago in a nomaly

we had Rajnikanth graying his hair and playing against a gray-haired khusbu

now that Rajinikanth movie is actually that age I’m wondering why can’t

we see a song as sweet and warm as riccatti parkatti then again Darbar tamil movie has bigger problems in

Darabr Movie Review 

the writing Department say the fact that we learn about a character’s death long before this character

actually dies where’s the logic in that where’s the suspense in that but then again some people might

say that you should not be looking for logic in this because it’s a mass movie

I don’t know I’m going to leave it up to you but I wish this have been a much better movie

so that’s it for Darbar RajniKanth Tamil Movie Review Tamilrockers the full reviews up on the

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Thanks for reading

Movie Ratin 3/5

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