Ghost Stories movie review: Janhvi Kapoor and Sobhita Dhulipala anchor Netflix’s lacklustre follow-up to Lust Stories


Ghost Stories
Directors Anurag Kashyap, Zoya Akhtar, Dibarkar Banerjee, Karan Johar

Cast Janhvi Kapoor, Mrunal Thakur, Sobhita Dhulipala, Gulshan Devaiah, Surekha Sikri, Vijay Varma

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so I started the New Year by watching the anthology that released on 1st of January on Netflix called ghost stories roping in the same creator self collaborated on Bombay Talkies

in 2013 lust stories in 2018 and now taking a solid left on having ventured into the horror genre with ghost stories now before I even started watching the film I assume that Dibakar Banerjee and Anurag Kashyap will be comfortable in this genre and it was beyond fathomable for me to imagine Zoya and especially current over to present

a bone-chilling horror piece irrespective of my assumptions without providing any spoilers I will present to you the good and bad aspects of each story and ultimately concluding where the ghost stories was a movie-going experience worth clicking on Netflix first we started with Zowie ahktar story which

Ghost Stories movie review
Image credit Netflix

features John V Kapoor Sudeikis III and Vijay Verma the story focuses on a nurse tending to an old lady that is bedridden the old lady lives in a dilapidated house and has been presumably left in the house for two days by her son Jonny Kapoor as the nurse Samira is in brilliant form in this short story Jonny as a performer was faced with a lot of criticism for a grasp on the Hindi language

and screen presence but he can clearly see the growth of the individual as a comfortable and capable performer in this short this is one of the few stories

in this anthology that creates an immersive experience wanting you as viewers to know more about the characters and their stories why is the old lady been left in such a state what is the reason for the existence of such a strange relationship how does

a bedridden old lady suddenly set up begging to be tended ZOA with this short really showcases a skill of sucking you in specifically with her camera movement and empty spaces pauses and moments taken to fully grasp what is happening with

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the characters the climax of this short may be disappointing for some but it was one of the few stories in the anthology that was enjoyable and didn’t really transition to metaphors analogies and storytelling tools that went beyond the surface this specific point especially brings me to

the second story by Anurag Kashyap the story there will be the most mind-numbing ly3 p-n definitely tells much more than is provided on the surface the story features so badula Paulo in the main row a pregnant woman that takes care of a curious nephew in the day picking him up from school and entertaining him till the evening when his father picks him up the woman is haunted by

nightmares specifically pertaining to the birth of her child the nephew is extremely attached to the woman beyond just conventional familial ties and we see him getting up at the

amount of tending in care that needs to be given to the unborn child the story especially as it dwells on the woman and her house setting taking care of birds eggs in her attic and organizing and talking to a room filled with dolls is creepy and an extremely slow burn the story presents minimal dialogues and heavily relies on imagery and

metaphors so Bertha is brilliant in the film showcasing the cautiousness and in xiety of giving birth to a healthy child and the child who plays the nephew especially shines wanting in craving for all the attention

Ghost Stories movie review
Image credit Netflix

anuraag short will be a little tough to digest as most of its imagery will go beyond the understanding of the masses if you’ve seen anuraag earlier work you can still decipher through the story the several elements he tries to rope into tell more than just a story about a pregnant woman and an

overly attached child this is the point where I realize that ghost stories is not at all what I expected as an avid viewer of horror movies ghost stories is not intended to be of the genre of films like the conjuring or insidious basically the inclusion of the

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supernatural and several jump scares but its attempt is to transport you to different worlds and families like hereditary or myth soma trying to create an inescapable environment which in moment shines but

definitely similarly at other times makes you not care about it at all if you are marginally disconnected the third story presented by the Barker Banerjee was my favorite of all four it transports you to a small town which seems desolate and ruined a man is walking towards this small town apparently to conduct a survey irritated at the fact that he was

dropped off a few kilometers away as a man is trying to gauge where exactly he is he stumbles upon a child who guides him to a dwelling where he is with the little girl this is when the principal character gets to know about the mysterious happenings of the town aspects that especially stand out in this short of the

cinematography our direction in the effective way with which Banerjee tells such a nuanced and layered tale the story sheds light on the perils of gentrification and the predatory nature of society when it is divided into haves and have-nots the daily

struggle of shared existence in society and how many of us find ourselves being pawns in a chess game we have no control over

Gulshan device has fully immersed himself in this role and so can go L an actor that you might remember from Kapoor & Sons honestly has put forth his most convincing and impressionable performance the less I say about this short the more effective it will be when you watch it Karan Johar story featuring Avinash Tiwari and Renault Hawker presents

everything visually by lacks impact in depth when it comes to its storytelling the story presents breathtaking costumes and a stunning palatial set in the form of a mansion the film focuses on an arranged marriage and how the girl is

absolutely taken aback as she moves in with a new husband that speaks to his dead grandmother that passed away 20 years ago the torment that she goes through and the lack of understanding about the source of such a connection with the dead spiraling into absolute madness is more or less the short presented by Karan Johar its eventual climax is a bit underwhelming but it is

undeniable that the short presents great performances by Avinash Tiwari and Renault Haku who looks upon some must see in the short is by Heba Shah who plays the domestic help that is associated with family for 32 years her stoic yet intimidating

Ghost Stories movie reviewpresence in this short was one of its biggest highlights holistically I must say however I wasn’t blown away by the content presented in ghost stories it undoubtedly shines in moments especially for me the Barker banerjee story stands out but from the

perspective of stories dedicated to the horror genre this Netflix venture will not give you sleepless nights whatsoever and doubles a video guys write down in the comments

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