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Good Newwz

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor, Kiara Advani, Diljit Dosanjh, Adil Hussain, Tisca Chopra

Director Raj Mehta

hello friends welcome to movie review and you’re reading no rating movie review with today I’m going to talk about the much-anticipated and well the last film of 2019 good news the friend

stars two of the most seasoned actors Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor Khan and the story resonates with countless childless couples out there good news had already set the expectations high with this trailer and now that the film has been seen in entirety it does not disappoint what works the best is

how Debu director Raj Mehta has dealt with a rather serious subject with measured amount of comedy and it is spot on there are some problems but they don’t overshadow the library narrative of the film and not to forget there is the deep dosanjh and Kiara Advani adding just the perfect dose of laughter the basic premise is pretty much known there are posh betras a high-flying journalist Deepti played by Kareena and says executive Varun played by Akshay versus the loud betras

homemaker Monica played by Kiara Advani and God knows what does he do for living honey played by diljit from Chandigarh after several failed attempts at conceiving a baby naturally bought the couple’s consult Mumbai’s best fertility doctors played by either Hussein and his wife tisca chopra and agreed to go for in vitro fertilization IVF while the good news is on its way the couples are told

about a sperm mix-up that happened with taking lead during the procedure leaving everyone in a state of agony and helplessness what follows next is a series of hilarious and emotional events showing them coming to terms with the unusual yet weird situation they’ve landed in I quite like the light-hearted treatment of such a subject that otherwise can drive

anyone crazy if they have to face this goof up for real also the transition from comedy to drama is so finely executed that you don’t realize when you get transported into another zone good news has a rather simplified narrative and it’s steady pace has enough high points in both

the first and the second half the director gives ample scope to his actors to perform and do what they’re best at though not letting his vision go haywire there are some really clever and witty dialogues to tickle your

funny bone just like the sperm mix-up there is hilarious mix-up of some words for instance sperm becomes spam flush is pronounced as flesh honours become hollers mode knee becomes ovary and so on good news is loaded with seamless

performances Kareena is in full form not just with her well edged out character but also the emotional shock she showcases with utmost sincerity not acting a sodding funny she plays with her dramatic reactions Akshay on the other hand is spot-on with his comic timing the way

he responds to this taunts from his wife with a straight face it’s too good to be true and he looks pretty hot with those gray streaks what diljit and Kiara have picked up the right

nuances of the Punjabi couple they play they are loud and boisterous when needed and can drink a subtle balance in their emotions while they’ll jet is the funniest of all Kiara impresses with her measured

expressions [Music] there are quite a few stereotypical innuendos that can put you off I mean haven’t we all met some posh Mumbai people who love to flaunt their brands as much as Delhiites do and no not all

Chandigarh healings loaded Punjabis are loud and flashy also many the times we are living in dialogues such as being pregnant is a blessing for any woman or up Nakul up navaja up numata hair and the constant

emphasis on blood is thicker than the water are nothing but tragic proof of regressive mindset even though the music in good news is fun to slow tracks in the second half somewhat deviate from

the storytelling in a nutshell good news has the right mix of ingredients in the right quantities and it makes for a plateau that’s easy to digest and tastes good to not preach you’re getting to your nerves it is

light-hearted and a comedy caper a perfect way to end the your way as it would be wrong to say that the best was indeed safe for the last check out the full review on hit the sun-times calm this is me signing off for now wish you all a very happy new year see you in

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