Hero movie review: Sivakarthikeyan’s superpower is being super preachy


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directed by Pierce mithran and starring sivakarthikeyan as Shakti now as a child Shakti wants to become a superhero but then he grows up and becomes a forger of certificates how did this happen there is obviously a big fat flashback but here’s the thing when Shakti narrates this flashback to mera played by Kalani production she doesn’t care and she dismisses it as a sob story she says everybody

who does wrong things has a justification they keep saying things like the system made me do it she doesn’t take him seriously and that is the first sign that hero is not going to be your typical superhero movie this is in fact a remake a sort of spiritual remake of gentlemen where

sivakarthikeyan continues where arjuna left off and the most surprising thing about hero for me is how unheroic the leading man is and the everyman like Siva Karthikeyan is perfectly cast in this role take Shakti’s profession for instance

he’s a borderline crook he’s a forger now he may have a woman around in the form of Meera but she’s not a typical heroine and this is not a usual love angle he may end up doing

action scenes but again in these action scenes he’s aided by gadgets that are developed by young children yes I said children these children are actually responsible not the hero himself these children are responsible for creating the superhero that Shakti finally becomes now who are these children these children are

out-of-the-box thinkers they do not fit into the traditional school model but they have their own talents and they are the ones that are typically

neglected by our educational system now the villain played by ability only essentially wants to make money out of these educated children because he wants to make them do exactly the kind of robotic work that he wants but Shiva Karthikeyan wants to set them free and that’s the whole story

now Hiro’s not at all the film that I expected I thought it was going to be a traditional superhero mass action adventure kind of movie but this is not as masih and Shiva Karthik a does not hog the limelight you know

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there’s so many people involved in the story and there’s a lot of clean and very clear writing because even the question of why does Shakti become a forger is answered in the backstory because his background involves a fourth certificate why do these kids help Shakti become a superhero

because they are in directly helping other kids like themselves other misfits other out-of-the-box thinkers now our only real problem with the film was that all of this all these great ideas don’t come together with a punch that you expect so

the film was a little low-key it’s also very talky films a lot of the time we seem to be listening to variations on the same idea I wish that the children had been used better and used more and there are big moments huge moments like the one where Shakti’s name is raised from a school

certificate I wanted to be more moved than what I actually was I wanted gooseflesh but if hero doesn’t show to great heights it’s still a very very solid film it has a very very solid character in subtlety the mentor played by Arjun the original

Hero  movie review

gentleman he is in a way heroes real hero because he’s determined to catch that spark in young children and foster that spark he runs a school like the one we saw on three idiots where children invent all kinds of amazing things like an engine that runs on just salt water and that combination of our generation Karthik and

the characters makes this film work because at the end of the day if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree that is not the way to do it so that’s it for Hiro the full review is up on the movie review website if you like this post do subscribe to movie review in south and see you soon at the movies you

Rating. 🌟🌟 🌟 /5



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