Hotel Mumbai Movie Review: Dev Patel and Anupam Kher film is neither black nor white. It’s just right


Movie Name:

Hotel Mumbai

Cast:Anupam Kher, Dev Patel
Director:Anthony Maras

🌟🌟🌟🌟 4/5

going on everyone welcome to a brand new movie review today I’m gonna be discussing Hotel Mumbai movie reviews and geeky content plus he hasn’t also go over to sandwich on films down below cuz right down

there we could be out advanced when we trained to see films early like us or even hotel Mumbai whereas our this review fully out-of-state this is gonna be a hard movie to talk about its our true story of the Taj Hotel terrorist attack in Mumbai which happened fairly recent and it’s heartbreaking like

this film is very dark it’s gritty and it really does a good job of putting you in the field that you were actually in this location and making you feel the tension and nervousness that every single member and hostage in

this hotel felt is what I’m assuming is what the director wanted to put you into though he wanted to place you perfectly into their shoes and make you feel make you relate to these characters and make you actually get a sense that you were there

the amount of times that I was on the edge of my seat white-knuckling my hand and just gripping them as hard as possible making me feel like I was actually there because the thing about the stories I knew some parts of it but I know the extent of what had

happened and that’s kind of where I get down to the Nitty a little gritty because with Hotel Mumbai it’s a hard film to recommend to people because not an entertaining film it’s in fact a very stressful film that makes you feel really dirty like

when I walked out I felt really gross out and just disgusted at humanity in general and I came home and probably watched a couple comedies just to put me in the right sense of a mood for the rest of my night anyway I could see this film being made and why it was made for was not for

entertainment purposes more for an informative piece to inform people of this terrorist attack and some of the situations that happens in Mumbai and the fact that they didn’t have it like a military there that could easily just embrace and go and hunt down these terrorists people know

they didn’t have any trained members at the time it really was just an informative piece in there and an effective one that that that made you feel gross but put you in this situation which if you just want your heart racing and feeling pale

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for the next two hours that’s what hotel Mumbai does I think one of the other that I really liked about the film is that it does show humanity and the hope within and how it shows people working to save other members of the hotel but not even just that but

the people who are staying out there the guests the hotel people who just come off the streets it’s great and it’s really reflects even though it’s shitting down on society in general and these terrorist people who just come in and have no morals and it’s disgusting on

that part but it does give you a glimpse in who you humanity in the hope in it on how these people were all working together to survive I’m looking at something the director did an excellent job on that part as well did a great job overall putting it into the shoes making you feel hopeful

and also making you feel gritty and dirty and just feeling like you needed ten showers after the movie I think that Hotel Mumbai really works

Hotel Mumbai Movie Review:

overall isn’t the main characters that necessarily get you into the mood I mean each character you can really relate to at least one or the other and you’ll find yourself intrigued with their story but not to the point

where you want to know every single thing about them but it is effective enough to where you want these people to survive and that is a main point in purpose it wasn’t just because army hammer is playing armie

hammer know he’s doing a good job of playing his character the same thing goes for Dave Patel tape Patel is doing a great job jason isaacs doing a great job and every single actor or actress in here does a really good job overall

no I’m gonna butcher a name so I do apologize in general is nuns on ebuy ein D who does an excellent job in this film she was probably the big standout out of the whole ensemble cast here

what can I say Hotel Mumbai is a very effective true story thriller that got me on the edge of my seat white-knuckling the whole entire time I’m feeling just completely disgusted burn it pick wise again it’s a hard film to recommend but I did have one big con to it and it was that they focused a little bit too much on

the terrorists itself you they focus on all these people and why they’re doing it in a sense I didn’t care and it kind of left up to some suspenseful in predictable moments like okay you see this terrorists easels looking in that’s always sitting down here okay we see our main character

he’s walking down the hallway okay he’s probably gonna turn the corner and tariffs gonna see him then it’s kind of create some tension you knew some of those moments were coming pretty predictably and I didn’t like that necessarily

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I wish they actually would have left the terrorists to be I mean they were the this is a horror film in a sense and I wish they kind of would have just left him to be more surprise elements of where they were at because in a sense I think that would have actually added me more into the depths of

what was happening to these main people there on the edge of my seat wondering if they’re gonna survive or not when you’re turning the corners it would have been more of a surprise and I get the hell out of there thing

with the people and making you feel like them because in a sense in real life you didn’t know where these people were maybe you heard him walking around but and shooting people but you didn’t really know if you were gonna turn a corner and run into one of them yeah

Hotel Mumbai is a very effective informative piece that gets you on the edge of your seat with some great performances and overall an excellent directing which makes the whole film stand out on its own it makes me want to give Hotel Mumbai a B check this one out if you guys are interested in one of these true stories or kind of just one of these thrillers it is a very unique film and I have not felt this way in a thriller in a very long time it’s hard to watch

it’s very hard to watch but it’s made me very interested in this whole event and wanting to go back and look more into it but guys let me know what you guys saw sorry you guys excited for the film are you not let’s talk about it down below in the comments and of course guys if you guys are new here hit like button

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