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welcome to Movie Review I know I should be celebrating Christmas right now with my family and I am but we still have movies to watch and we still have shows to binge let’s do it was a flick fans spending some time with the family for the holidays and Happy Holidays to you all hope

y’all are having a very Merry Christmas but I did finish lost in space season two so I want to talk about it let me know in the comments down below have you binge through it did you watch it when it dropped

yesterday a little later than I usually am on these shows but we’re still going to talk about it and let’s get into it so lost in space season 2 so we’re jumping around in episode 1 7 months later this family is marooned on a watery planet and the Robinsons they’re making a risky bid to power up their Jupiter just some quick

thoughts on season one I liked season 1 for what it was there are our clear issues present and I heard so many people complain about the fact that there were too many unbelievable elements and things about the plot and the script that just don’t come

Lost In Space Season 2 Netflix Reviewtogether in a way that makes you feel like this family is actually in peril and I completely understand all of those complaints they’re present they’re part of the reason why I didn’t love season 1 but I did see potential there for this show to grow into something that I think after season 2 it is on

track to do I like season 2 more than season 1 I’m starting to believe in the story a bit more and the stakes in this season it feels like they are just so much higher than what season 1 had to offer and you also get more storylines maybe one too many but you also get more storylines with this family to allow yourself to relate to these characters a bit more especially diving into you know

the mother-daughter relationship the father-son relationship we start out in the first episode and we are full throttle in setting up even more conflict between the family and that’s what we’re here for we’re here for the Robinsons we’re here for Will

Robinson all of them and that was present in this season the entire cast is really good I think in season one there were a few moments with certain characters and I know I’m rehashing season one but I didn’t get a chance to talk about it on this channel certain characters that felt like they were possibly overacting

when it called for emotion I’m like it maybe it too much and I get it it’s this sci-fi epic it’s something you’re trying to translate into a TV show with a massive budget by the way the CGI in this season is significantly better than it was in C and one not saying that season 1 was bad but I believed this season a bit more when it came to the visuals still one or two things here or there but it looked magnificent

Lost In Space Season 2 Netflix Reviewanother issue that I think does end up carrying over into season 2 is I do think the editing is a bit quick especially in the first two episodes of this season we’re dealing with some massive things here are characters once again are in peril as they are most of the time but all of these quick cuts and we get shot shot

shot-shot-shot we don’t get a lot of time for these situations these AI ideas of something tragic happening to these characters we don’t get a lot of time for that to develop now that does get better as the season

progresses and the more we learn about these situations setting up even more things for the future of this franchise it’s something that they improved upon but it’s still an issue that I kept in this season as well obviously now this is not a major spoiler I’m not doing spoilers because the show just dropped but

this is a mild spoiler if you’ve seen the trailer you know this is coming eventually so if you don’t want to know anything maybe click away now three two one I have to talk about the relationship between our robots you know the reason we’re kind of tuning in that big cliffhanger from season 1 we picked up back with the family where they

were and will and that relationship I believe is the driving force of this season whether it’s waiting on him to return whether it’s fleshing out that relationship more whether it’s the direction that it heads which slightly caught me off guard in season 1 but even more so in this season like I said the stakes are raised it feels much more epic and I just I like

the storyline a season to a bit better like I mentioned the family relationships the reason why we’re watching this was gray as some of the decisions were a tad bit frustrating it is a predictable show probably a predictable season too if you think too hard and the issues that were present in season 1 were here meaning

certain things you just kind of have to buy even if they don’t make the most sense in the world but the issues weren’t as big in this season and a lot of people are going to say this is a rinse and repeat story there’s an issue we have to fix it we’re gonna solve that problem we’re gonna move to the next episode but and I hate to say

Lost In Space Season 2 Netflix Reviewit like this I like seeing this family in peril but that’s the beauty of the show it’s finding their way out of every situation that they get themselves in not that they’re getting themselves in the situation and of course we’ve got the bad cookies in the bunch

that carries over from the previous season and certain characters actually I mean there are injuries there are more devastating stakes in this season that doesn’t just have to do with the relationship between the robot

and will we survive we move on the score is grand here it’s a sweeping epic sci-fi score like I said the visuals are really really good from the CGI to the color correction just the look of the entire show is great not that I had a major issue with will in the first season let’s just say

I buy him a lot more in this season he’s progressing aging very well as both an actor and that has this character and I thought it worked really really well for what the show was going for we survive we move on we thrive we try to get back to civilization that is lost in space I mean just look at the title lost in space it’s pretty obvious overall

I still I need to think and ponder upon season 2 just a tad bit more I definitely like it more than the first season I don’t know if I love it just yet but I’m getting there this is a show that is in my opinion progressively getting better and it’s just fun it’s not show that you have to think too hard in it’s not a show that throws a motion that you left and right there’s

definitely a motion in there especially in this season but lost in space man if you haven’t even seen season one you’re just watching this review give a try and some will tell you that you have to trudge through season one and I understand that to a degree but once you get to

season 2 if you’re locked in on these characters if you’re locked in on this family I think you’re really going to enjoy it and that’s why I’m basically going a three out of four with my score if you guys enjoyed this video if you like what we do on this channel reviewing or at least trying to review every single thing that drops

on Netflix get one 75% with my score it is a show that I think is progressively getting better and one that I had fun with entertaining I think dropping it on Christmas Eve is brilliant it is one of the reasons why it took me so long to watch it because obviously obligations life it is one of the reasons why I’m being so quiet right now because I’m not at my house clearly this is my normal

Lost In Space Season 2 Netflix Reviewbackground this is not my normal background but it is something that I think a lot of people are going to enjoy watching during the holidays thank you so much for watching this video I’ll be back tomorrow so tomorrow morning

I did my honorable mentions this morning my top ten movies of the year that’s coming Netflix series that’s coming a lot of really cool things still have to see Little Women spies in the skies portrait of a lady on fire all those things they’re coming on this website as soon as possible you guys the best see you soon



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