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who talked about a tough binge everyone is sure otter for paperweights and today I’m going to be reviewing the Netflix series Messiah which is now streaming on the Netflix platform for those of you

I basically go into what I loved about the series and what I didn’t love about this series and is it worth the binge or not but before I get it to this review happy new years you guys is the first review of 2020

I hope that everyone had a great start to the new year and I hope that you conquer all of your goals and stay consistent yes so going into Messiah which is directed by James motika and Kate was James miss he you know from directing V for Vendetta I’m also two episodes since eight and Kate was his doctor directed jeez Louise directed episodes of

underground mages the shield blind spot and so this series really centers around this polarizing figure I’m this CIA agent who’s played by Michelle Monaghan she’s basically uncovers I’m this figure who is causing who’s becoming a global phenomenon through his ex of public disruption and essentially as a show

really centers around is he a divine entity or is he basically a con artist and so throughout the course of the series and we kind of get to learn more about our maseeh which is what everyone calls him throughout the course of the series through

this investigation by the CIA and also other people become involved and then it really just keeps you guessing like is he a divine entities not I need answers I need to know so um I actually watched all 10 episodes of the series and so going into what

I enjoyed about Messiah I really have to say that the Messiah has a very interesting time so I think that it really kept you guessing from the first episode even all the way to the last episode of this series and I think that’s mainly due to the performance of MIDI to be who plays al

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maseeh I thought that he did a very great job of he almost seems like a very quiet character but calming confident in what he believes and I think that it really keeps you in treat and to his character and wants you to find out more and more and even ask kind of more of these clues kind of get into his origins of where he came

from I think that he does such a great job of giving you a lot with so little words he’s a man of very few words throughout the course of the season but he’s so interesting and mesmerizing to watch on screen that really his performances what really kept me invested and watching each episode after it ended now also too

there’s another character every move played by Tomer Sisley he’s one of the Israeli agents who’s basically kind of working on this case one of the things I enjoyed about his character is

there’s a lot of character development and you really get to understand why he behaves the way that he does why does he make the decisions that he does and I think because I got to learn more kind of about the background his family life and also to kind of why his life is the way that it is at this point in time I was more invested in his character throughout the course of the series

and I was more invested to see what happens to his character kind of the connection between him and al maseeh and I think that his character is really one of the only ones that truly had a good payoff for me by the end of the entire series now also to the exploration of faith especially in the social media age was another very engaging topic of the series there’s

kind of one of these acts that al maseeh / performs I’m not gonna give anything away there’s not gonna be any spoilers but what I found the most interesting about how this scene is shot is not actually watching the miracle itself but moreso watching

how the crowd the audience how the use of technology was shown throughout that scene and I think it’s very interested to see on what a character like al maseeh who is supposed to be this divine entity this prophet what these acts what

miracles these miraculous acts what they will look like in our age I’m in 2020 what that looks like with the use of technology today and I kind of love this expiration of also to faith in politics and more so how sometimes faith is used to push agendas in politics I’m instead of necessarily

focusing on practicing your faith and just living through the principles of your faith and so I love how they kind of explore how faith could be used through how faith to be used through politics whether for good for bad through acts of terrorism

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were to actually bring social change to try to help the world I really love how we also focus on the global aspects of religion we get to see religious beliefs or how the different characters kind of deal with knowing who our maseeh is because

he becomes this global phenomenon it’s so throughout the course of the series we kind of see in different parts of the world how what he is doing how this is affecting different regions and so that is also very interesting and you know in one of the things that I enjoyed about Messiah

now that’s pretty much all that enjoyed about Messiah I do have a lot of issues first and foremost as I said with Avram I loved his character development but I felt like a lot of the other characters were very

one-dimensional Michelle Monaghan is character she’s a CIA agent who actually has a lot of personal things that she’s been dealing with as well but I don’t think we really get to see we don’t get to learn any more than was kind of first introduced to us and I really wanted to understand more the connection between her and

al maseeh as she’s investigating him there’s kind of this conversation that they have and there’s something that he says to her and it kind of shakes her because to her it kind of hits her in her core but I feel as though we don’t really get to learn more about her character or really about the circumstances that she’s in and

I really doesn’t I don’t think that there’s any payoff I don’t feel like they kind of reveal like why those words that were spoken to her why I kind of hid her the way that it did and

I wanted to see them do more with her character Michelle Monaghan she did fine with what she was given I think that the show as a whole I think all of the actors involved they did a great job acting I just don’t think that their characters were given enough to make them interesting and that’s why for some of the episodes because

it kind of does kind of focus on different regions I’m in different characters that have different subclass I wasn’t that invested in it and that’s why some of the episodes they were very slow it took a lot for me to kind of get through that episode and that’s why some of these episodes throughout season

one of Messiah was kind of boring to me now also to the pass at the end Wow I kind of like what they did when they kind of tried to answer some questions for you or surrounding this character I still felt like it wasn’t enough at the end I was kind of like oh that’s interesting but then I was like I still wanted a little bit more it kind of left me

I didn’t feel completely satisfied and maybe that was an intention to still continue this process of thought to really keep his audience guessing and thinking after the season is over but for me it wasn’t enough for me to warrant to like I can’t wait for season two I didn’t have that feeling

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I was just like I’m so happy that I’m done with this I’m over it let me go watch something else more entertaining but also – I was saying um because the show definitely deals with different types of religions um it doesn’t delve deep into those religions I think that it assumes that it’s audience knows of different religions throughout the course of the world and I don’t think that

that’s necessarily true and I wish that even with the portrayal of some of the Muslim characters I just felt like it was a little OneNote and they kind of delves into the stereotypes of what we see in all other movies or TV shows and

I wish they would have went a little bit deeper and I think they’re really the content and the message of Messiah I think it would have hit a little bit better if we actually did try to include some of the different religious doctrine throughout the course of the series I don’t know if that’s done –

kind of because it’s already a controversial topic and this show is already causing controversy from the trailers and everything but I feel like that also was a missing link to what could have made Messiah even more entertaining but for me what I would tell you guys to do with your your

time I tell you to wait or skip Messiah now what I always say is even if I don’t like something look you might like something that I don’t like I might like something you don’t like you could always give it a try on your own but for me what I would tell you to do I’ll tell you to wait for something better I’m another serious that came out on Netflix today was spinning out a series that I actually really enjoyed I’m gonna review it after Messiah but yeah those are pretty much

my thoughts on the Netflix series Messiah is always my name is Shauna from Pierre awaits and if you liked what you saw today make sure you hit the like button hit subscribe share this video with your friends and make sure you hit that notification bell and I’ll see you guys soon

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