Why Marvel Can Make A New Hulk Movie Finally – Avengers Marvel Phase 4 Breakdown

Why Marvel Can Make A New Hulk Movie Finally - Avengers Marvel Phase

I’m legally required by talk show about.Hulk Movie rules to ask you if we will see the New Hulk  again I do know that I did give Kevin Feige the blockbuster award at the Hollywood Film Awards the other day to a Avengers Marvel

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the hulk movie smattering of applause and and he did say hey do you think there’s any more story left here and I said I could probably come up with a few story lines and he said well maybe you should come in and we’ll have a talk oh you heard it here there it is on Stephen Colbert! Welcome back

everyone it’s Charlie Happy New Year I got a lot of requests from you to do a video about the big Hulk news apparently Marvel got the rights back to do a Hulk movie so I’ll try to explain what’s going on but as you can see Mark Ruffalo is now pitching new Hulk movies to Kevin Feige that would make a lot more sense if they finally have all the rights to the Hulk back so Oh break everything down what’s going on behind the scenes in my top picks

The incredible hulk full movie

Why Marvel Can Make A New Hulk Movie Finally - Avengers Marvel Phase

for what that hope movie could be if you’re new to the channel be sure to subscribe to get all the Marvel videos we’re doing a new IMAX ticket giveaway – all you have to do to enter is be a subscriber and leave your best Pig for a new Hulk movie on the video so you guys may have seen recently the last couple of days there been a lot of news reports from websites that

marvel movies on netflix may have just gotten the rights to do a hoax solo film back from Universal it makes a lot more sense that they would be planning new Hulk movies if that were true the clip of Mark Ruffalo talking about new movies with Kevin Feige is actually from the summer a couple months ago after Avengers

You can watch avengers endgame online avengers endgame on Netflix

endgame avengers endgame torrent came out because everyone was wondering what are they going to do with the hope now his arms in a sling is that going to heal because of his gamma powers where’s he going to show up during Marvel phase 4 when I first saw that clip immediately I just assumed that he was talking about business as usual in terms of what they were allowed to do with the whole character that many would probably

The incredible hulk full movie

show up during the Marvel phase for she-hulk series in Avengers 5 but Avengers 5 isn’t happening for a couple years till Marvel phase 5 the she-hulk series is happening in the next couple of years in the big reason why they haven’t made a new Hulk solo film since the Edward Norton Marvel phase 1 the incredible hulk full movie is because up to this point Universal has held the rights to distribute Hulk movies it’s not like it was with Fox the x-men Deadpool and Fantastic Four characters Universal never had the rights to make a Hulk movie they just controlled the

distribution rights but the problem is is that’s where the studio’s make all their money so look at this giant chart here of who holds the rights to all the Marvel characters this was updated right after Disney bought Fox so that’s why all the Fox characters are inside the giant red Marvel bubble notice some of the Studios like Sony where they share the rights with characters it’s the same with Universal there’s a sort of sharing situation going on

Universal got the rights to the whole characters back when Marvel went bankrupt in the 90s and they had their fire sale on the movie rights to all their big characters that’s when he got the rights to spider-man when Fox got the rights to x-men and Fantastic Four I don’t say Deadpool because technically Deadpool falls under the x-men rights even though he is a franchise by himself has surpassed the traditional x-men films but since the 90s Marvel has always had the rights to physically

New Hulk Movie

Why Marvel Can Make A New Hulk Movie Finally - Avengers Marvel Phase

make a Hulk solo film they just haven’t had the rights to distribute it meaning that Marvel and Disney wouldn’t make any money on the Hulk movies that they would make the deal with the spider-man characters isn’t quite the same thing because technically Sony makes most of the box-office money and Marvel just gets the rights to include

spider-man in their movies the brand new sharing deal that they just signed to get Tom Han back into the MCU gives Marvel a bigger piece of the box-office pie but for the most part Sony distributes the spider-man films Marvel just makes them Sony makes most of the money on

the box-office Marvel makes most of the money on the merchandise on all the other stuff outside of the movie apparently up to this point though Universal was not willing to make the same kind of deal with Marvel that Sony did so there’s that funny video of Mark Ruffalo talking about Universal hating money watch this this is actually from before Avengers endgame I want to just make one thing perfectly clear today a

standalone Hulk movie will never happen because Universal has the rights to the standalone Hulk movie and for some reason they don’t know how to play well with Marvel and they don’t want to make money and with you as the new Hulk it would be terrible, that’s really know that these corporations would work it out if they thought they make enough money also think about who’s playing him

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but I mean I figure I got like two or three more years left before I’m too old to play the Hulk, we talked about it but I just I don’t see it in the cards, do you see it in the cards? no. It means a lot to me I mean I really love this character. that clip is from a while ago you can hear the bitterness in his voice like he just never believes in his heart of hearts that they’re ever going to be able to do a solo hulk film and based on what

he says it sounds like up to this point Universal didn’t want to make the same type of deal with Marvel that Sony did for the spider-man character but apparently whatever black magic ritual Marvel and Kevin Feige performed recently they may have just fixed all their hope problems with that and that’s why you’re seeing these news reports from websites

saying that they can make a new Hulk movie again it would be set after the events of Avengers endgame so you’d have the professor version of Hulk you’d have to explain what happens to him before you do anything else with the character but here are my top picks for what they can do with new Hulk stories that they have not done yet just some easy slam dunks first stop is just going back to the planned story arc they

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originally had for Edward Norton’s Incredible Hulk you may have seen the article going around about Tim Blake Nelson he was the actor that played the leader during that movie and they just disappeared because

they didn’t make any more sequels he revealed the original plans for that trilogy he said that William Hurt Edward Norton and himself all signed on to do a trilogy of incredible hulk movies eventually his leader

character was supposed to become the main villain you all saw what happened because of the problems with the rights and they got rid of Edward Norton for Mark Ruffalo before the first Avengers movie Marvel led Tim Blake Nelson out of his contract and inside William Hurt to a new one so that he could appear during civil war and all the other Marvel films Edward Norton also

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Why Marvel Can Make A New Hulk Movie Finally - Avengers Marvel Phase

recently revealed why he was fired by Marvel because he got into a big creative fight with them and Kevin Feige over the idea of what that Hulk trilogy was going to become because Edward Norton claims that he signed on for a much darker hardcore version of the hook than what we’ve seen from Mark Ruffalo’s version the hardcore version of the Hulk would be amazing world war hulk would even make a great

Avengers movie forget just Solo Hulk movies you could actually turn that into a big Avengers crossover then there is the classic Hulk vs. Wolverine easy slam-dunk movie they’re not even going to have space in their movie release schedule to actually release a new Hulk Solo movie till Marvel phase 5 and that’s the target

period when they’re introducing a lot of their new x-men Marvel characters it would be super easy for them to do hope vs. Wolverine then and talk about deep cut comic book origins comic book Wolverine debut for the first time in the Incredible Hulk

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comics Hulk was rampaging his way across the Canadian border so the Canadian version of Thunderbolt Ross unleashed quote-unquote Weapon X on him when he steps out of the shadows to fight the Hulk its Wolverine wearing his original comic book costume over the next several years they had several rematch fights in the comics he eventually got his own solo title then Wolverine joined the x-men and so on and so forth the other really easy slam dunk is just giving

Thunderbolt Ross a proper Red Hulk origin story and then passing the Hulk torch to him so to speak in the movies for a little while on route to a Thunderbolts Red Hulk series or even a Dark Avengers movie I think Marvel and Sony do have big plans for the Norman Osborn character eventually a very different version of his character but if they can’t do that Thunderbolt Ross would be a great proxy for that he does show up

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prominently during the Black Widow trailer but there are two different versions of Thunderbolt Ross in that trailer there’s the ones that you see and then the one you hear the voice over he has with Natasha is actually from the events of Captain America Civil War when she goes on the run back to Budapest the version you see here in this scene who looks way

younger with the D aging technology seems like it’s actually from the 90s because he doesn’t have any gray hair this is all blonde and it’s probably from the first time he meets Natasha when she’s still part of the Black Widow program my early theory about what’s going on with

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Thunderbolt Ross right now just based on the footage we’ve seen and what they’ve talked about is I think they’re using him in a sort of reverse Nick Fury type of role like they don’t want to put Nick Fury in this film even though he is prominent in

Natasha’s backstory but they want to use Thunderbolt Ross in service of setting up a Thunderbolts or Dark Avengers future project with the Yelena Belova character taking the mantle of Black Widow after the events of Avengers endgame in having Thunderbolt Ross asked her to join his quote unquote new team that he’s putting together Nick Fury style it’s a really cool thing being that it becomes a dark mirror for that original Nick Fury Iron Man

post-credits scene at the beginning of phase 1 but let me know in the comments if Marvel got the rights back to do a Hulk solo film what kind of movie do you want them to do with him during Marvel phase 5 you may have also seen they’re finally

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releasing a brand new new mutants trailer tomorrow morning that’ll probably be my next video so as long as you have alerts enabled for my channel you should see that when I posted everyone click here to learn about the new quicksilver stuff that’s happening with Doctor Strange – and Wanda vision and click here for my brand-new Marvel Deadpool free video thank you so much for

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