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Ryan Reynolds as the voice of Pikachu and justice Smith as the son of a detective that’s recently gone missing in rhyme city and Tim played by Smith goes to rhyme city to search for his missing father with the help of a Pikachu that for some reason is able to understand everything Tim says

and he can understand what Pikachu is saying sothey embark on a mystery to discover what happened to Tim’s father and figure out why Pikachu and him can understand each other when my wife and I left for the screening I looked at her and I said are you ready to go see a Pokemon film just like thestrangeness of saying that the fact that we are now in 2019 at a point where there’s a live-action Pokemon movie and we’ve had ghost in

the shell and Alita battle angel and all this craziness now Pokemon to me has always been more of an animePokemon Detective Pikachubecause I was never as interested in the games as some people I know that technically this is actually a video game move even though Pokemon is just as famous as an anime as well as a card game it’s a gigantic media conglomerate thing Pokemon is it’s been huge ever since I was a little kid on the school bus and peoplewere fighting over pokemon cards like they were $100 bills I like this franchise

I have a soft spot for it but I’ve never been a die-hard fan you know what I mean like last year I did go to see the power of us in theaters just for fun I didn’t even review it I just watched it purely for fun like I was excited to see this movie and I was really hoping that it wouldn’t be awful thank God it’s not awful this is an entertaining film and that’s really all I wanted out of it becausethe source material it ain’t Shakespeare for me Pokemon was never about a story filled with depth and nuanced emotion it’s just Pokemon like they’re cool little things and you can collect them and it’s fun and and the majorthemes of Pokemon was hope and believing in yourself and

little kids can watch it and be entertained by it and also learn valuable lessons across every episode it was never meant to be this incredible story and so I was just hopingthe film would be entertaining it it was the best part easily of this movie is Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu he provides all of the best humor as Pikachu the character is also the most entertaining in the film whenever you see it fight the things that Pikachu does in the movie really really cool stuff I mean

it’s kind of what I wanted to see and rhyme city felt lived in it felt like a placeI love the idea of Pokemon and humans interacting in this place and working together you saw squirtle putting out fires and just you could see like the practical application of every Pokemon in the city so they did their best to try to make it make some sense as well the movie also tugs at the heartstrings fairly successfully in a few places where I didn’t expect to be wrapped up in the story the action sequences wheneverPokemon are

battling or anything else is going on that involve Pokemon doing cool a lot of fun Rob Letterman directed this he also made the first goosebumps movie so he’s now had two properties from the 90s he’s been able to adapt to the big screen and he’s done a fairly consistent job with both of them I can’t really complainI played a lot of the 3ds game I didn’t play the whole thing there are certain

parts of this film that are similar to the game some choices that are made in the movie in regards to the order in which things happen that’s also similar to the game and I like that they were at least attempting to sort of wink to the fans of the game you can tell that the people behind the movie actually did kind of give a aboutthe fan base and didn’t just want to cash in on the fan base like some previous adaptations of things Dragonball Evolution you can really tell that they actually gave a and they tried to make a movie that the fans could enjoy still this is by no means a flawless movie if you really want to get nitpicky about the Pokemon film whichI’m going to it’s really stupid the human characters suck all of them I did not care about a single one of them in fact there were times when I look at the main character played by Justice Smith and I went get over it dude just get over yourself man you are a wet blanket you are annoying and boring you need to stop being this way and it’s not entirely justice Smith the actor it’s it’s the way the

characters written because Pokemon to me was always this very hopeful experience where you can just relax and watch it and have a good time but the first 20 minutes of this movie are legitimately sad and actually more beyond that really it’s kind

ofdepressing because it’s not just about the fact that this kid doesn’t know where his dad is or thinks maybe his dad could be dead he kind of doesn’t care and so I get that that’s part of his arc you’re supposed to show acharacter in one place and have it and in another place totally get that it’s just that a large majority of this movie our lead character doesn’t give a which kind of makes us not give a you know what I mean he starts caring a little more when he runs into an intern for a news

company played by Kathryn Newton and she’s interested in this story of this missing detective and he obviously thinks oh she’s kind of cute and so now all of a sudden he wants to be on this mission andPikachu’s over there like and there’s a lot of humor there which easily saves the whole movie whenever it goes back to the human characters though I’m like geez these guys areunderwritten and I just don’t care the Pokemon are the stars of this movie by far and to be honest that’s kind of what Pokemon is about you don’t necessarily watch the show

because you really love Ash Ketchum you play the games and you watch the show because you want to seethe new Pokemon and you want to see them battle I mean Pokemon Stadium was like the back in the day and that was another issue I had with the movie there wasn’t enough Pokemon battles I would have loved more of that there wasn’t a lot ofcatching Pokemon

either there was really just one scene actually besides that it’s it’s a very different film from what you might expect if you are a fan of Pokemon it’s more so an investigation movie but when they do find information for their case it’s sort of just thrown on them by these expositional holograms that tellstories and it just felt so easy like it didn’t really feel like they were uncovering anything so in summary the human characters are flat and boring but the movie wasentertaining and consistently funny because of Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu he saved the entire film and gratefully there’s a lot of him and they seem to understand the core of what Pokemon is about and they’re able

tocommunicate that as best as they can in this movie it’s about as good as a live-action Pokemon film could be although if they do make more I would like them to focus more on people hunting for pokémon battling with Pokemon tournaments things like that I’m gonna give

Pokemondetective Pikachu a b-minus well guys if you see Pokemon detective Pikachu this weekend let me know what you thought of it don’t expect much out of it it’s about as good as it could be it’s funny and they did a pretty good job with recreatingPokemon for the big screen at least it doesn’t look like this guy’s thank you so much as always for watching look forward to more reviews very soon and if you like this you can click right here and get stuck mine eye

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