Rise of Skywalker Box Office Collection Tracking Worse Than The Last Jedi


what’s up guys faruk and gamers its Jeremy coming to you with another post and today Star Wars the rush Skywalker box office open strong but below the last Jedi now it did have a great opening night uh from Thursday there’s no doubt about that there’s no way to spin that but if it comes in below

the last Jedi on opening weekend that’s gonna be significant and we’re gonna talk about it it doesn’t guarantee that it’s gonna happen yet but we’re gonna have to see how the next couple days play out the opening at night box office numbers for Star Wars erisa Skywalker are in the Disney film earned $40M forty million dollars in Thursday night

preview screenings this is considered super strong the fifth biggest preview night in box office history and the film is on its way to at least 200 million for the weekend but that Hall is below the last two Skywalker Saga films by comparison 2015’s force awakens had 57 million on its preview night and 2017 the last Jedi had 45 million according to comScore non saga titles rogue one had only had 29 million while solos had 14 million

so I don’t know what to make of this yet what we’re really going to look at okay so the force awakens and I don’t have the specific numbers on me the force awakens had the biggest opening weekend of all time and then the second week I could look it up right now I remember the numbers is like it was in the like the 34 to 36 percent drop from from week 1 to week 2 which is insane in a positive way when you break the opening weekend and then you only drop in the 30% range for your second week that is asked that is absolutely

ridiculous where is the the last Jedi opened up at 2:20 and then that second week drop was like 68 percent which is pretty damn high like that’s absolutely high it’s not the worst ever but it’s it’s bad especially when you look at the fact that the force awakens only dropped you know in the mid-30s whereas the last gen I dropped in the upper 60s so the opening weekend for the for the rise of Skywalker is going to be but that second weekend drop is where you really start seeing how much of the audience was retained

how much are people talking about it in a positive way I think that the rise of Skywalker definitely is gonna be within a $182 million hundred and eighty to two hundred million dollars opening weekend and that is fantastic and there’s no way to spend that that’s a great opening weekend but in context this should be the endgame this should be

Avengers in game level so it should be shattering all-time box-office records because this is the quote-unquote end of the skywalker saga so the fact that it only pulled $40 MILLION forty million dollars in I mean again you can’t dispute that it’s a huge number in it it’s massively high and nobody’s gonna say this movie’s gonna flop if you say this movie’s gonna flop you’re an idiot you don’t know

what you’re talking about so I’m not trying to say that it’s going to flop because it’s not going to flop but in comparison to where it should be this is definitely alarming for for the future of what Disney is producing with Star Wars on screen and this is what a lot of people in the Phantom Menace have been talking about it’s just like the Transformers movies transformers one two and three all made ridiculous money billions of dollars but

they were dying from within you know yeah people were going out seeing them and they were you know loving the visual effects and the big robots on the screen but they weren’t retaining any true magic within the audience and as you saw transformers four and then five just fell off the map and then we finally got a good Transformers movie in bumblebee which I very much enjoyed but nobody went and saw it because you had already ruined the franchise and I feel that’s

what’s happening with Star Wars right now so again we’re gonna continue to monitor this Odin will have his box office break down here on Sunday so it’s gonna be very interesting to see how this all plays out let me know your thoughts in the comments below thank you very much for checking out this video soullow lost money and we will talk to you later hey everyone its Jeremy from geeks and gamers comm and if you’re a fan of geeks and gamers please go to our website visit our merchandise store we have t-shirts hoodies hats beanies tank tops and in the very near future we’re gonna have many more products for you to choose from so thank you for the support we appreciate it you guys a great day and we will talk to you later

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