Sillu Karupatti movie review


Acting – Samudrakani, Sunina, Manikandan, Nivedita Satish

Product – Divine Productions
Movement – Halita Shameem
Music – Pradeep Kumar
Release Date – 27 December 2019
Time – 2 hours 33 min
Rating – 3.5 / 5

hi guys welcome to Movie Review I am Faruk and today I’m gonna be reviewing one of the last films of the also one of the best films of the year Holly Tasha means silica protein one of the little pleasures of watching an anthology is the exercise of

wondering why the makers choose a particular sequence to tell these stories should this pattern follow an ascending order of inventiveness with the last shot being the most ambitious or should it be the opposite like Amazon’s modern love which started off with the best episode only for diminishing marginal utility to soon take over what Holly Tasha LEM has effectively done with

silikal party is invent another pattern of the for one of the best takes the slot right before the interval but the other the final one leaving the Netflix obsessed millennial asking for more pink bag they open eyes the film you almost expect from the filmmaker who gave up over some pp with cute being the mood world the title of pink bag is a curiously colorful garbage

bag that ends up with one of the city’s ragpicker boys these bags which he waits for every day gives the shot an epistolary form with each delivery of trash presenting him with fresh treasures a photograph of a young girl arrives first followed by a cassette player a string of ribbon and a half your shampoo bottle before

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something really valuable reaches him but in his effort to return this to its rightful owner we get beautiful moments like the one where he hides behind a trash can in fear as this new friend comes closer class is of course addressed but it isn’t the only thing the makers are interested in dialogues to take a backseat for Minaj

Sillu Karupatti movie review

paramahamsas wish was to take over giving us images of falling in love which include a mosquito fogger being used for the dreamy smoke effect and the mountains of trash replacing the customary AB Stewart song and the opposite end of the age spectrum is Turtles

which uses the title animal as a metaphor to tell the story of two guarded seniors finally finding the courage to come out of their shells to fall in love or fall in love again what the story also gives us is Odense of old-world charm which includes some delightful world play like how our diabetics desperate search for a sweet getting misunderstood for a

compliment and also cup up in GT with added dignity throw into the mix this much-needed dignity permits every frame of this episode balancing real-world issues of the elderly but some harmless from manifestation kakaka repainted and vijay karthik cannons burnt out visuals is the

closest we get to the convention love story of the mainstream tamil cinema the setting – is as contemporary as they’ve come with a meet-cute set in an uber pool Mogollon is the average daytime IT guy who turns into a

meme maker by night and Madhu his Co commuter is a fashion designer whose could Mullen steals for one of his blogs yeah their love stories hardly commonplace cancer is

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involved of a particularly masculine kind but what the film does is d Sigma ties that taboo ever so delicately with its everyday conversations that the topic is only given as much weighted as an obstacle in another with idea love story it’s always mother who

takes the first move and her pity attitude sells his lines as cheesy as Johnson and Johnson’s no more tears and when a film gets you to look at a crow pooping on the hero shoulders as a sign of true love you know there’s some magic in the writing but it is hey I’m more the finale which deals with postman is love or

the absence of it that really surprises you with its depth Alma Deniz introduced to us in a top angle shot as a husband a nepali to go to bed their three kids sleeping in between them tells us that what we’re actually seeing is in fact a long-distance

relationship sex for them is merely mechanical there’s no need for sweet words or foreplay she knows when it’s time to move to the other room because sex has become routine something her husband needs to fall asleep like sleeping pills hey mo gives us a chilling look at this housewife and the loneliness that forms a part of her

Sillu Karupatti movie review

daily life where the sounds of the tap dripping and the clock ticking are all that she has once her kids leave for school but Donna pal the husband is never looked at as the enemy has he changed he has but the film gives him the space to be heard and a chance to change and for all the films about

technology and artificial intelligence ruining human existence we finally have a story that subverts this notion to tell us that even Alexa could just become your best friend with these four stories writer-director Haritha Shamim gives us an optimistic a deeply moving take on what

constitutes the modern romance and what we received by the end of silica purity our love stories for the ages so that’s it for my review of this week’s movie silica repartee if you liked this point post please share it thanks for the reading



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