Spinning Out Netflix Review


I was pleasantly surprised by this show everyone is Sharonda from payer wait since today I’m going to be reviewing the Netflix series Spain out which is now streaming on the Netflix platform the series stars

Kaya Scodelario who you may know from extremely wicked and chuckling vow Maze Runner crawl as she stars as cat um who is a young figure skater who is trying to figure out life while balancing family relationships and also to mental illness while chasing for gold I felt like oh good like

the Chasen for those you thought what I did there okay nevermind so for those of you who are new to my channel welcome I tell you what I liked about the series what I didn’t like about the series and is it worth your time binging or not because we just need to figure out how to protect our time okay so going into

what I enjoyed about spinning out first and foremost I really thought said Chaya did such a fantastic job as Kat she plays his character who gets to portray like an array of different emotions I’m especially

when focusing on her mental illness and really how she’s trying to figure out life how she’s trying to balance it all or does she feel as though that she can have it all while she’s still trying to maintain how to exist with her mental illness and so I think that one of the things that I really enjoy is we really don’t find shows

Spinning Out Netflix Review

there really address mental illness but really take a deeper dive into that like what does it look like with family dynamics um what does it look like you know kinda if this could run in the family we never really talked about how sometimes mental illness is hereditary and so I think that for shows like

this I love that we’re getting to dive a little deeper into these characters that we’re getting to see how characters can balance mental illness with living regular life and what does that look like what are the struggles with it

what are the joys that they experience so that’s one of the things that I really enjoyed while watching this series I had a really great time vision is by the way this started out as I’m just putting something on before I went to sleep I was shieldon before

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I go to sleep because I got to protect my dreams and I was just like you know I’m just gonna play this and just fall asleep on it but I watched the whole episode I watched like four episodes and I was like yo I gotta go to work in the morning and I literally binge this the rest of the day at work I was just I was like

I have to watch more and more and more I had a really great time I was really pleasantly surprised by this but also – I really enjoyed every Roderick who plays Justin he’s kind of like you guys ice skater kind of like the Jackie type but I love that his character was so complex as well and I loved the chemistry between these

two characters will they want day I’m not gonna spoil anything for anyone but also – I felt like a lot of the characters for the most part because I’ll get into some issues that I have with some of the characters but I love the character development I love how this show focuses on

Spinning Out Netflix Review

so many different topics but it doesn’t feel like they’re checking the box and I’m loving more and more as we get to shows especially as it deals with young adults and for this these most of the characters are 21 and up

I love how it focuses on the pressures what today’s society is trying to be great what happens when you know life doesn’t go the way you want things that you’ve worked for your entire life you can no longer achieve like how do you continue on I really love the dissenters around

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the pressures that young adults have in today’s society but also – I just love that I like literally enjoy like most of all the characters I thought that the acting was very well done and also – for kaya like I was looking at her the whole time watching

I was just like if they ever do a Nicole Kidman biopic I was like she needs to be cast I really enjoy her little time I look at her house like she’s given me Nicole Kidman vibes she was just giving me all of my life I really

enjoyed her I just had to come back to that for a moment but yeah I just felt like this show gave me drama it gave me the petty drama but it also gave me like family drama and it also has a serious tone when it does meet to be serious it doesn’t have a lot of cheesy dialogue I mean when we’re getting into like competitive

sport with figure skating which I just love the skating if you guys love watching figure skating because like when I was younger that’s all I watched on TV you would definitely enjoy the choreography I just had such a great time just watching

this gasps like I can just watch them today little routines this whole season you don’t even have to give me the drama in it I can just watch them do they thing I think that’s I had doubles stunt doubles who did most of the skating for them but um I did have a few issues with spinning out

and that’s more importantly at how it treats its black characters and so there is a character by the name of Marcus who is played by Mitchell Edwards and so for the first half of the season he kind of is only utilized to advance Kat storyline and then towards the end of the season they try to get into this whole like what it means to be a black person in

Spinning Out Netflix Review

America and I was just like you know if y’all want to start it out that way I kind of would have been okay with it but to me it just felt like they were checking a box and it was just out of place there were so many other ways or their avenues that they could have went with Marcus’s character that

I actually would have loved to see play out I mean I think for him he just really didn’t have as much character development as everyone else I felt like his storyline only service cats when I feel like everyone else you could take cat out of that and they still have their own story to tell and also too with Raven who plays Nancy

she kind of comes in she’s a black woman she comes in towards the end of the season and I was kind of just like yeah the same thing with her – I’m just like what what was the purpose of having her here if it was only going to service this one thing and I felt Phil as though if it does get renewed for season two which

I really hope it gets renewed for a season two I really want to see them do something more with these characters I don’t know if they have black writers no staff or not but I was just like this ain’t it I need you guys to just do a little bit better I was just like they’re great actors I was just like did just their storyline I thought just like this is so checking a box

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but yeah those are the two main issues and then also too with willow shields who plays cats younger sister Serena I really enjoy her storyline especially how she deals with her sisters mental illness how she deals with the unstable family dynamic between her I’m her sister and her mother Carol who was played by January Jones

who she just loved playing like a bad mama but I enjoyed that however towards the end of season it’s just like crazy like kind of twist it I didn’t see coming I was like what but then I was just like I feel like you this is another check-the-box do to kind of current headlines you know stories that you know have happened come out of

headlines I felt like he kind of played into that box and it just didn’t make sense and I guess cuz a dialogue was so cringy and it’s just so out of place and just came out of nowhere I was just like I didn’t need this with her character either but

outside of those issues overall I really really enjoy spending out I really had a great time I love that it’s a show that focuses on mental illness I love that it’s a show that plays into you know how to handle relationships you

know how to be your true self and then also to with a mixture of the figure-skating of the drama I really really enjoyed it I really really need them to bring a season to because how I got into season one

I was like what this is how we’re going to end it but it still gave me all my life it gave me one of my first joyful binges I can’t really say of 2020 because I watched it in 2019 but it was definitely worth the bench for me when I would get guys what I would tell you to do with your time I would tell you this is worth Benji give

spinning out a chance I guarantee you liked it if you don’t like it then I’ll watch a show that you tell me to I should you know what I’m that confident that is that good that I ain’t even gonna have to do it but yes so those are my quick thoughts on spinning out as always

my name is Shauna from Pierre awaits and if you like what you saw today make sure you hit the like button hit subscribe share this video with your friends and make sure you hit that notification bell and I love you guys 3000 I’ll see you soon

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