The Witcher Netflix REVIEW Season 01


I am so happy to be able to report to you The Witcher it’s a really good show Netflix thankfully gave me all eight episodes in advance which I bench they gave me the first five over Thanksgiving and I watch them pretty quickly you I’m gonna break down

how the episodes fare in this review don’t worry it’s a non-spoiler review but then they gave me the final three the other day and I watch them straight because it was they were it ends the whole thing is strong but it ends very strong so again this is my non-spoiler review and my spoiler review will go up by the end of the day Friday tomorrow or today

basically when you’re watching this I don’t know why they had the embargo lifts so late on this show it’s good maybe the like release the viewer it’s kind of a situation to get everyone just cuz you know you can watch it right now and you should it’s very very good in fact I would say of all the entertainment coming out for Christmas

The Witcher Netflix Story Line

The Witcher Netflix REVIEW

this is actually the most satisfying especially if you’re into this kind of storytelling genre story telling and clearly Netflix has their fingers crossed that this will be their Game of Thrones I have to say it just might be but fair warning those of you who are treating this is up you know holiday entertainment perhaps for the family it’s not for the whole family because one way that the Witcher is very much like Game of Thrones season one is that it has gratuitous female nudity like Wow to the point of ridiculousness

but it has all that female nudity speaking of ridiculousness and there’s no nudity for Henry Cavill I mean he must have had and it is it must have had it in his contract that he would not do nudity I mean they’re like the butt shots we’ve seen in the trailer right I mean look the show’s made no they haven’t hid the fact they’ve been trying to play a post sexuality right and Henry Cavill to some degree has done

the same throughout his career but that makes it even stranger than within the show itself this is really the most that you get in fact he even has welt like to sex scenes and it’s really the same sex scene shown again later on in the show but he’s fully clothed in it it’s feeling weird especially considering that Anya’s l’autre has so much nudity so it’s not at all a balance right I mean Anya Electra has so much nudity that at one point you just roll your eyes and

go okay we get it on you know you’re okay with nudity I mean it makes the show unwatchable as family entertainment which we’ll see how that choice works out for them I think since you don’t please everyone while I go there I don’t think the show needs it to be honest with you I mean they could have I think the nakedness is necessary but they could have tastefully shot it they didn’t have to show it as I guess how I feel about it maybe one or two shots but I don’t know HBO is all about the nudity but

I don’t know if it’s really Netflix this thing to be honest with you now speaking of Anya shall autre and Freya Alan when I reacted to the trailers for The Witcher I said who cares about these women we’re all here for Henry Cavill and some Witcher fans got real angry with me and said grace these two women are important well you were right they’re extremely important

The Witcher Netflix REVIEW

The Witcher is about all three of them and while Henry Cavill as the male lead on yuusha l’autre and Freya Alan are very much the female leads and the show wouldn’t work if they weren’t all good because there are large periods where Henry Cavill doesn’t show up but thankfully all three of them are fabulous so let’s start with Henry Cavill though because many of you are here for Henry Cavill don’t worry you’re gonna love the whole cast very good but August Walker Geralt these are excellent roles for Henry Cavill and why so many of us want him to see to see him play a more dubious

Superman I mean he just he excels at the morally ambiguous plus though well yeah I’ve seen him not really connect with anyone romantically in his other projects there were genuine sparks though but between him and Anya she l’autre I believed their romance and so on both their parts particularly Henry Cavill he just turn it up turn up the smell of the smolder this is a very female centric show it’s weird it has the male gaze for the nudity but otherwise it’s totally female centric which we’ll talk about but so I think Henry Cavill

particularly how he played the role would appeal very much to women or anyone who’s into Henry Cavill right I also got a great amount of joy hearing him use modern swear words with his grizzled accented geralt voice right I could listen to Henry cavils Geralt safe called a long history açaí loved it he’s also very handy with a sword the first couple of action sequences aren’t so great but by the end of the season I was like wow you can really swing that thing it’s really amazing and the action scenes and I think ended up throughout being throughout being very very strong there’s one episode where he takes on this monster and a castle and abandon castle it was great honest shallow Trudeau has

the juiciest role as yennefer although in the final three episodes henry cavill Geralt starts to get some real depth to to his character so season 2 is gonna be a doozy already greenlit but yennefer does a you know on your show l’autre does a great job with Jennifer’s origin story which I didn’t know going in and I loved it but for those of you who do know it I think you’ll be very pleased with how they portray it I don’t want to give anything away because

I so appreciated the surprise that’s episode 2 and I always talk about being surprised Henry Cavill I don’t think isn’t an episode at all and then again that’s the second episode so I was like whoa no Henry Cavill but on yuusha l’autre is so good you won’t care trust me yet affair is such a good character and is so well written and anya Schlosser does such a good job bringing her to life I gave I even gave her a pass on all the nudity I was like this is ridiculous but you’re so talented I’m gonna let it go and the nudity for those of you who are watching

with people you don’t wanna watch nudity with when you want to have the fast-forward handy is it episodes two three and five now speaking of the episodes episode one is the weakest episode five is a little annoying and to be quite frank seems like a different show and that’s where they stopped us you know early on and only gave us one through five so I was like

how is this Jo going to turn out but then thankfully as I said it ends incredibly strong so one is the weakest five seems like a different show is a little annoying but two through four and six through eight are top-notch fantasy entertainment Wow now finally ask for Freya Allen her character it’s bit of a bit more of a slow burn but by the end of the season I felt she was just as strong as Henry Cavill and Anya Chell ultra and

how it ends I was like oh this is fantastic now unlike as I said unlike Game of Thrones this is a this is very much a female centric show Game of Thrones was very male centric there are women everywhere here there’s a you know instead of having a king they have a queen I mean she has a romantic interest but he’s very much secondary to the Queen but Jodi May I thought did first I thought she was overacting but

I came to really like her I thought my Anna buring as the Anna firs mentor also very very good all the female characters excellent now I’ve never seen Outlander which is a show which is famous for being very female having very much of a female viewpoint but I imagine this is a similar situation

however I think what’s gonna make it work for male fans is that Henry Cavill has such a strong male energy and there are a plethora of strong male supporting actors as well so I think that balances it out in the end also as you can see the show has an impressive amount of diversity which is made to feel very natural and organic because it’s a fantasy world and also I like to see a

Indian Actor

number of Indian actors in the mix I know in Middle Eastern actors I thought that was really welcomed I thought it was great now speaking of the world of The Witcher Netflix has certainly spent the Monet this is full fantasy the locations are breathtaking for those of you from Poland or of course the series originates they shot

some of it there so it looks very nice the monsters are vicious and plent and plenty the mythology is deep love the world-building and the magic so much magic I liked this idea of expanding upon the idea that rulers have you know like King Arthur and Merlin that they have mages as their advisors and what that relationship is like and how that works from the mage

perspective that stuff was great now this might be a season 1 but budget wise it feels like season 2 or even if season 3 but where it does feel like a season 1 though is that you will discover that it’s really just setting up season 2 I don’t again there are plenty of surprises here that I really appreciated and I want you to experience

them too but I don’t want to get your hopes up either I mean I was I was a tad disappointed where they ended it but again it was such a strong ending on episode 8 that I was like I wish that I could watch I would have benched I would have benched a whole nother eight episodes for season 2 they as I said they’ve

greenlit it I don’t believe they started filming it yet but I’m very excited so this is my non-spoiler review for The Witcher rejoice which are fans and get prepared for a whole lot of company because I think
people are really gonna like this show and again

it’s great for holiday viewing as it is highly bin jabal so look out for my spoiler review i guess later today right cuz it’s friday share your thoughts down below don’t put any spoilers subscribe today and of course as always you can check out some more videos right now

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