Thrissur Pooram movie review


Thrissur Pooram movie review

Language: Malayalam

Rating: IMDB 6 out of 10 stars

Director: Rajesh Mohanan and Ampady K
Cast: Jayasurya, Swathi Reddy, Gayathri Arun, Mallika Sukumaran

hi guys welcome to movie review I am Farook and today i’m gonna be reviewing Jayasuriya smash film Thrissur Pooram movie review watch out for mild spoilers Punda kill show me where Thole ballad cooter and sunny poor Liguori these are some of the names of the gangsters that inhabit

the deadly town of threshold in this film but is otherwise known as careless cultural capital the idea itself is ambitious how do you paint through shoe rent which until recently was home to the harmless transients and the joy thakkolkkaran the through shoe dialect to arguably the most welcoming of them all has to be tweaked to accommodate

menacing lines that sound like Alvin they are term of an oddity circuit ever kill a of course casting can help to because we’ve come to the point where it’s become impossible to set a filmin threshold without casting the to Ravi’s TG and his son sreejith and Jairaj Varia playing a colorful

character a few rounds around the Baraka northern temple preferably during a song montage and a few Street or market names thrown around should suffice to make any film Astro sure as innocence golden Juba but it’s the gangster film cliches that soon overtake the threshold cliches we get pulled agree named after another iteration of Shiva who gets branded a criminal as a child after

he shows great innovation in slashing his mother’s killer with a knife dipped in a rabid dog saliva after a stint in a juvenile home he grows up to become the og of the town but that’s until he falls in love at the thumber girl named weenie what happens after is such a journal cliche that I can insert the line from Godfather 3 to fill you in just

when I thought I was out suffix an inductor Gaddy to Michael Corleone’s line and that’s Paula Gary’s entire internal conflict right there like most gangster films Social Forum 2 is driven by one emotion and that’s loyalty so the second a pretty banal scene gets a forfeited you are like a father to me thrown in you know

what’s going to happen to that character and for all that effort to establish how Paula Gary has now come clean we don’t ever see any kind of assistance from his wife or from him when he quickly me and us back in albiet for sake of loyalty which means that the rest of the film is dependent on the villains and the fight scenes to make it somewhat watchable but here’s the deal one of

these really fire the punchlines are ridiculous to the point where you only realize that they’re meant to be punchlines is once that followed by some insanely loud background score and the film’s million slow-motion shot even interesting asides like an attacker gone missing or some secret of information about gold being

smuggle reach the hero so easily and with such little effort that you feel like poor loogie is one of the villains close friends on Instagram a clever scene involving the KSRTC bus is so poorly staged that it reveals the twist almost 15 minutes before it actually means to the final twist – with England’s plainer tea shop owner is based on logic so far-fetched that’s impossible to explain or even understand

expectedly Swati Reddy gets nothing to do apart from being paid for revenge even Mallika sukumaran who plays polo Gary’s guardian angel gets little to do once the film goes into action mode but we’ve already switched off by then but this it’s last year’s third thoroughbred mass film to disappoint revealing how it’s a journal none of the youngsters have really been able to crack and how funny is that idea of the hero

introductions teen using an elephant as a mere prop just because the film is set in threshold if this film gets a sequel set of ethnic look maybe we will see pellagra emerge from a scrounge of mosquitos in slow-motion again with Rakesh Vega guaranteeing you some ear pain the next day so that’s my review of this week’s film threshold poem if you liked this post please hit like different

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